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Architecture Theory of Color 1

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Architecture Theory of Color 1

One of the basic properties of most objects is color. It is the visual perceptual property by humans as a phenomenon of light being received by the object. Man has identified each category as red, blue, yellow. Categories and physical specifications of color are associated with objects or materials based on their physical properties such as light absorption, reflection, or emission spectra.

Color has three properties:


VALUE refers to the lightness or darkness of hue.

INTENSITY refers to the purity of the hue (also called “chroma”).

A HUE is a pure pigment and the basic quality that distinguishes one “color” from another.

  1. Tints are hues that have white added
  2. Shades are hues that have black added
  3. Pastels are hues that have black and white added and can vary from very light to very dark
  4. The addition of white to black will create a “gray-scale” from barely gray to almost black.

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