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Singapore: Arrival at Changgi Airport

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Singapore: Arrival at Changgi Airport!

After leaving Iloilo International Airport, (yes, we took a direct trip to ), we arrived in the Lion City. I have observed that there are a lot of domestic helpers in . But because this City is so close at 4 hours away, people barely feel they are away from home.

2 Arrival and Inspection of Sigapore Airport (10)

We arrived at around 3am. Yes it was a red eye flight. And evidence of our noctural arrival is the overused section of the airport at this time of the day, the sleeping section. As my nth time passing by the airport, I saw that it was again trying to change their carpet floor. A new pattern which I didn’t like. But you will know that an airport facility is growing when people are actively changing things – administration, services, provision for sleeping, provision for areas of artworks. These help to speak to people that “Hey, we were thinking and changing things around, while you were sleeping.” This is a clear message that “we don’t wait for things to get broken before we fix it.”


2 Arrival and Inspection of Sigapore Airport (16)

Passing by the paratha and dip artwork (an Indian staple food), represents the Indian locals represented in the economy. The art speaks of food, something that is always on our mind. The art is not too deep, but experiential – allows us to interact with a gigantic peice of bread.

2 Arrival and Inspection of Sigapore Airport (19)

Lastly, I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t recognize that significant part of the airport is dedicated to green landscape. As most artchitects and mechanical engineers know, it takes more energy to cool a wet room than a dry one, so I was perplexed at the waterscape at the middle of the mall. Airconditions cool the air by reducing the moisture in the air.

So welcome to – the International Asian City!


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