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Giving and God’s Economy

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Giving and God’s Economy

It is Christmas time once again. Soon, as Victory tradition, it will be announced to have “Bless One Another Sunday”. That’s when people bless people they don’t know with something that God has impressed in your heart.

I can’t find the younger me in pictures but this is my first youth camp with Victory

back in . . . . let’s just forget when that was. . . .

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Why is this important? Because we humans are creatures of habit – we usually give to people who have GIVEN to us before or people we care enough. Our giving is so predictable. But the economy of God is different, I remember as a student praying for a worship CD, and to receive it without asking someone about it, confirms God’s word in 1Pet 5:7 – “Casting all your cares upon Him because He cares for you.” It was no longer about me struggling to get what I need to survive, but focusing on God’s provision because He is aware of what I am asking.

It is a burden when we have to ask people for money and the opposite: having to hear your brother or sister to ask you what they need. Giving to someone who already told you what they need takes no faith – you already know they need it. But when you give and what you gave becomes an answer to someone else’s prayer, you become part of God’s economy. And obedience makes the economy balance.

In Acts, because people were sensitive to God and gave when anyone had need, “there were no poor among them”.

Remembering our series preaching yesterday, I would like to encourage you that aside from the “Bless One Another Sunday”, try to ask God who to bless: someone you don’t know, and someone you don’t owe a gift to. If you take this step and obey God in being a blessing, it will turn out to be a great joy, knowing miraculously in most times, you have been an answer to prayer.


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