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Elections 2016: Challenges for the Information Age

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Philippine Elections  2016: Challenges for the Information Age

A lot of critics are lazy. They don’t want to look closely and analyze something for what it is. They take a quick first impression and then rush to compare it to something they’ve seen before.
Willem Dafoe

So much has changed in the information age. Remember the time when your dad alone needs to work, and still everyone has extra to go to your favorite restaurant? At first, I thought this was because a lot of people are working in agriculture and this creates surplus so people can relax.

I was wrong.

The reason that today both parents have to work and you still need a second dad is because man is getting better in making his life difficult. 50 years ago there was one way to brush your teeth. Today, you have a choice of 100 brands of toothbrush with 10-30 kinds of toothbrush depending on your “kind” of teeth”. Then there’s another 200 brands of toothpaste, and to top all that, there are other things you should know: laser treatment, foods that weaken teeth, toothpaste that are not really toothpaste but works like a toothpaste.

Toothbrush brands - too many choices

Toothbrush brands – too many choices

We have to many choices and too many information to make those many choices.

With this much information, what the normal human being do? BLACK OUT. ASSUME.

That is what I have learned looking at the chaos of the election. It is hard to think when there’s too much information about each candidate spread about the 120 million Filipinos who, each has a special something that others don’t know about the other. We are talking of the 2016 Philippine Election and that’s about the President alone. Let alone you have to review each myth (before any assumption or story of each candidate is verified) whether each one is true or not.

People are confused with social media

People are confused with social media

Social Media and mass media is not helping. With daily and weekly news, we are shoved down with news that are more or less opinions of people that each organization has assessed as credible. Who has the time to investigate each news whether that presentation of facts gets to the right conclusion. The result: = WE JUST TRUST THEM.

We Assume.

And most of us will believe people we like and see face to face (including the newscasters). How about the drinking buddy you have a beer or two? Or the man who gave away money or built a new road in your barangay? Their opinions will be what we will carry to the elections.

2016 Pres - Mar Rojas, Grace Po, R Duterte, M Santiago

2016 Pres – Mar Rojas, Grace Po, R Duterte, M Santiago

But who will we vote?

Will we vote for the guy because we liked his smile? Or we don’t like the way he curses? Or because his adds make you feel pity for being dark and crook-y? Is there a difference about what a president should look and feel like and what he is responsible for? By the way, what are the requirements of a good president?



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