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Buyers beware: Don’t Shop for Food when Hungry

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Buyers beware: Don’t shop for food when hungry

“Caveat Emptor” is an Old Latin proverb which means let the buyers beware.

In 1589, a mysterious man came to the edge of Venice. The man’s name, Marco Bragadino. He watched anxiously at the city bustling with activity. Armed with the  supreme knowledge of alchemy, he went to the Venice Ruling council and offered them the one solution for their city. Hire me and I will produce gold to pay for your city’s debts.

Bavarian Marco Bragadino

Bavarian Marco Bragadino

By then, Venice was hard pressed because the Portuguese and the Spanish had found another route to reach Asia while the Muslims blocked the famous spice trade, the most profitable business in the world at the time. Every European royalty had craved spices enough to pay for it handsomely.

Alchemy metal to gold

Alchemy metal to gold

Marco, was now being courted by prince and rulers. Not just Venice but Milan, Naples and Padua. The excuses kept coming, that the ingredients for making gold are hard to find, that the longer the wait, more gold will be created, there was always something missing while the already deeply debted state was further plundered. Soon they learned the truth, that metal cannot be turned to gold and that wealth is only gained by hard work and sometimes (almost rarely) by lotto.

2016 Pres - Mar Rojas, Grace Po, R Duterte, M Santiago

2016 Pres – Mar Rojas, Grace Po, R Duterte, M Santiago

So in choosing our top leader during elections, let us not be to hungry for magic (I will solve your problems in 6 months) because as the saying continues, a product always sounds good before you buy them, for cheap. Only when you go home will you see the real deal. By the way, Marco failed to turn gold and was executed by the Duke of Bavaria.

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