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Lessons in Love

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Lessons in Relationships

Garden for romantic relationships

Garden for romantic relationships

Lessons that came late.
Serve her no matter what,
whether you win or not.

To win her heart,
you have to win her trust
because if your goal is to win her,
she could smell your goal.

I’m a late bloomer. I was good in school but never really good with romantic relationships. I was ok with people I didn’t quite fancy but for those who I do fancy, I never got to talk to them. They are in the “restricted list”. So I sought to find a mental way to make connections: analysis. In short, I never really got to talk to the ones I want to.

Through a dinner coffee last year, it dawned on me. Those whom I feel more qualified for, I take for granted but those I don’t feel qualified for, you never could stomach to ask. But this “The Heart Truth” series helped me out. (I wasn’t  really taking notes) I figured out the reason I locked myself out is because love’s expression is service. I’m not talking about love language. And no serving in any ministry in church could change excelling in relationships. But if you focus on serving other people, and not trying to please them (get her to say yes), the job of eventually finding the one YOU want to say yes, will not be easy, but it will be less challenging.

Hope you learned like I do. God Bless your day.

couple in romantic relationships

couple in romantic relationships


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