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World Password Day

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For all the Techies out there. There’s a quirky special day that’s today. It is called World Password Day.

In the old days, security is only physical. But during the second half of the Century, security changed from something physical to something intellectual. People didn’t need to have a physical signature to withdraw money. With the advent of the ATM card, your investments and wealth is somewhere up there in the clouds, and the only way to access it is through a six digit number that will represent you confirming your identity.

World Password Day 2016

World Password Day 2016

These are the qualities of a strong Password.

  • more than eight characters long.
  • should not contain your username, name, or any other personal information.
  • shouldn’t contain a complete word.
  • should be way different from passwords you kept earlier.

It should contain at least one character from each of these groups: uppercase letters (A,B,C…), lowercase letters (a,b,c…), numerical characters (1,2,3…), and symbols (!,@,#,$,%.Changing your password often prevents people from hacking into your account, in case you have the same access to most of your online accounts. Happy World Password Day.

World Password Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of May.


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