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Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage, A Christian Perspective

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The USA Decision on Gay Marriage, a Christian Perspective

Attending a Workshop in the last weekend, I came to face the emotional side of me. I would have been better but I am bothered that some people that are leading and sharing are guys who prefer guys. There is a concern that there maybe a transference of spirit but I am glad that instead of paranoia, I chose to understand. While spirit transfer is real, Jesus chose to be open and related with everyone.

Being a person who looks intelligent and speaks thoughtfully. A lot of people has asked if I am indeed gay. And this comes from the perception that I am not your typical macho in a Filipino judging society. Add to this the homophobia in the culture and the radical conservative judgement of the Christian and Catholic History of our nation. The key spirit in homosexuality is rejection. It is the exalted spirit who sits high enough it is hard to take down. I hate it when people doubt me but I have come to be secure in the Grace has given me. But coming from a place of understanding, I don’t have to prove that I am not.

Approved Gay Marriage - US Courts

Approved Gay Marriage – US Courts

Thinking about the workshop, no wonder, the homosexuals and bisexuals are finding grace outside of the church and remain isolated and sometimes angry at Biblical Christianity. There will be traditional people in church. My family one of them but I just wish that people will find grace in church.

How different would it be if you find an alcoholic, an obese glutton, a drug addict, a liar and a homo. There is a different stigma on the one with preference for the same gender. The bible speaks that all are equally sinful but society has preference for the eater and the liar to be of lesser consequence. The addict and the alcoholic will easily win friends but the homo will carry with it wide consequences.

Gay Rights marry your Daughter

Gay Rights marry your Daughter

So how should a Christian respond to for example, the US Supreme Court decision on  June 26, 2015 legalizing same sex marriage? After the issued of the decision, there are a lot of Christians that reacted. I read this Article below by Bobby Wood. It would clear out what we may be afraid of.

“I’ve been spending a good bit of time reflecting on the Supreme Court ruling in America last week. As I’ve been reflecting, I’ve done a lot of reading of reactions from those who are gay and those who support the redefinition of marriage. I’ve also read a lot of Christians, like myself, who support the traditional idea of marriage. A lot of what I have read has saddened me on many levels. I’ve seen my own view of traditional marriage mis-characterized as homophobia and hate from those that support new definitions of marriage. I’ve seen Christians who have expressed panic, disappointment, and sadness over the ruling. And, I’ve also seen Christians express truth and un-truth in prideful, arrogant, angry, offensive, and unloving ways. As I have been thinking and reflecting, I wanted to write a response to what I’ve seen and what I believe the church needs to hear.

I realize that those reading this who are not Bible-believing Christians may not agree with what I’m writing, and even some Christians may not agree with what I’m writing. And Christians have the right to believe in the Bible too and not be prejudiced by other people who want to remove any influence of the bible in the public realm.

Why Traditional Marriage is Important to Any Bible-Believing Christian

With all my cards on the table, I hold to a biblical view of marriage of one man and one woman for the rest of their lives. What that means is that I believe adultery, polygamy, homosexuality, divorce, and lust are all not a part from God’s original design of marriage laid out in Scripture. I also don’t expect those who are not Bible-believing Christians to understand my view or where I’m coming from. If you don’t believe the Bible or you don’t believe in God, you wouldn’t believe this.

So, what about public policies and American politics?

Jesus is Still King No Matter What Any Earthly Government Rules

First of all, no matter what the government declares marriage to be, all the government can do is grant tax benefits to people it defines as a marriage whether that be a homosexual couple, a heterosexual couple, or (quite possibly in the future) Just because the government declares marriage to be defined a certain direction does not mean that God defines it to be. I hold that no earthly government has any hold or sway over God’s kingdom. Christians don’t need to panic or get defensive or scared. The government can do whatever it wants, and it doesn’t change a thing for me.


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