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Power, Love and Greatness

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Power, Love and Greatness

When I was small, I was fascinated by power. As an artist I learned to draw the basics, hippos, elephant, lions and later dinosaurs. Its natural for little boys to obsess about it: the biggest, strongest, most powerful.

There came a challenge in my life: to draw the smorgasborg creating the most powerful animal with pieces of the most powerful creatures. The idea started with the Leopon – a hybrid between the Leopard and the Lion. (unfortunately it could not be fertile and genetically breed). The muscle of the horse, horn of the rhino, the mane of the lion, pinsers of a crab, and held on a body of a T Rex, and with wings of a bat – like a dragon!

I am so sorry I didn’t get to keep that copy. Probably my younger brother and sister was so impressed. They should they didn’t know how to draw. I worked on the model to perfection.

Surrendering to Love

Surrendering to Love

But here was one creature that overpowered me all my life, the pretty girl. In grade four, we found ourselves invaded, we are an all-boys school. And I had my own taste of crush.

It was then I learned that no matter how powerful I hoped to be, attraction to the complement of man in creation is inevitable. But I held on, pursuing the strongest creature conceived on earth.

Fast forward a few decades. Our speaker asked: who is the leader that you most admire. He or she has to be a giving or loving leader, just in case you have Hitler or the like. In my mind, damn – he got me. The speaker was bald with a funny aura.

Embracing Greatness

Embracing Greatness

A few days later, I am at a crossroads. I was living life to be the most powerful, to have no weakness and yet,



forgotten how to love.

And in some stroke of luck. Who would have to teach you about strength in loving but a lady who herself was so mental like me.

I had to listen to my heart. Is physical, psychological and brute strength what I really believe in? And what about love. How weak is it. It’s uncomfortable to be vulnerable. Yes I can say it is strong but my belief systems do not agree. Hence my inability to love. But when you look deeply, it was Jesus courage and love that was brutal enough to endure the cross when in one thunderbolt, He could destroy all of humanity.

Only in accepting love can I really grow. Once accepted I am able to love!

My name is Ian, with Trust and Love, I embrace my Greatness.


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