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Jerry and Deni: Loveys Forever

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Jerry and Deni: Loveys Forever



I’m sharing my toast for my brother’s wedding.

“The problem with sleepwalking through life is that life is too short. And life’s too fast. We can only love them today.

Being asked to be my brother’s best man is like waking from sleepwalking. This time I start to see my love is real. I’ve prepared this presentation as a journal of me and my family’s thoughts, joy, sadness and celebration for this event in his life.

JR, you were my roomate, my coolmusic resource, driver, wacky comedian, brother,  affectionate pasalubonger, travel guide, feedbacker, city dining gourmet, actor and oftentimes atoor thrift travel consultant and friend. Mom, dad, titas, titos, cousins and friends thank you for the gift of you.

Deni, we welcome you and your family. We celebrate with you two. We want to say that you are indeed a treasure – You, JR and Deni are the indeed best part of us. Cheers!


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