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Batam, the Key Island of Indonesia

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Batam, the Key Island of Indonesia

Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesian Cuisine

Living in a foreign land evokes different feelings. Yet living in South East Asia gives that familiar feel – the food, the buildings, the sound of a local dialect so familiar but different.


But here in this island, I have found passionate Christians living like no other! What else do you expect from the island named to be the Key of Indonesia. Keys are objects of authority. Keys are small objects but they hold great power over doors, gates, rooms and entire palaces!

What you will find.

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Batam is the Northern most tip of Indonesia. It is closest to Singapore. Within Indonesia, it is very prosperous even though it is not an urban center like Jakarta.

I have found lots of Chinese Cuisine around. And to my surprise I have found a martial arts booklet.

Chinese Buildings

Chinese Buildings


Exotic Asian Lamp Light

Exotic Asian Lamp Light

Martial Arts Handbook!

Martial Arts Handbook!


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