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My Brother’s Wedding

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Thoughts on: My Brother’s Wedding

Classic Romance Flicks - My Best Friends Wedding

Classic Romance Flicks – My Best Friends Wedding

The movie My Best Friend’s Wedding is one of Hollywood’s best romantic comedy. The story tells of Julianne  played by Julia Roberts, who receives a call from her lifelong friend Michael. Julianne and Micheal made an agreement that if neither of them were married by the time they turned 28, they would marry each other.

Jerry my brother is more than 28. But there are many things most people wouldn’t know about the wedding. Here’s my take on My Brother’s Wedding.

Julia Roberts in My Best Friends Wedding

Julia Roberts in My Best Friends Wedding

Thoughts on My Brother’s Wedding

1. That was their first kiss.
Not everybody knows but that was their first kiss.Nobody would care in this day and age but something magical was set in place. And life doesn’t work for those who are halfhearted. God was honored by their relationship and it’s never a question whether He will bless their marriage or not. He will beyond a shadow of a doubt will definitely bless their marriage.

No Kiss before Marriage

No Kiss before Marriage

So here it is. It is possible.

2. Romantic Relationships are practice marriages.
How you play in your role in commitments is how you will be in real life. You don’t get to commitments for leisure. Having a goal past the finish line and through a 30 year journey ensures success.

3. There was fasting and prayer before courtship.
Plan and Execute. A great girl always loves “A man with a plan”.

4. I felt they were already married long before, except for physical intimacy.
When you plan for long term, a marriage certificate yes, is important but it is becoming a formality. Because as I read in one article. When you go into a marriage, don’t expect it to be full. It is empty, is becomes full because of what you personally bring into it.

Jerry and Deni Bantilan - Loveys Forever

Jerry and Deni Bantilan – Loveys Forever

So blessed with you JR. Welcome into the life you have built!

Well, its a far longer journey than what I have intended to. And I feel I haven’t even worn boots, but I believe that settings right can’t hurt you. 🙂


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