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Funny Antedotes about Self-Forgiveness

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From Mark Rutland of Every Nation World Conference.

Dr Mark Rutland

Dr Mark Rutland

Some years ago a magazine put out a survey. They asked their readers to tell them “What the most they most would love to hear another person to say to them. “What would you like another person to say to you?” Out of the thousands and thousands of responses. They brought it down to the top three.

Covenants and Forgiveness

Covenants and Forgiveness

Three things that Americans want to be “said to you”.

Can you guess the first one?

1. ” I love you.”

The second one surprised me:

2. ” I forgive you.”

We live in a world full of accusations and judgements in all and everything.Worse we have these judgements about ourselves.

People are reminded of themselves failing and live with guilt and

The third one gave me a laugh. The third one tickled me. The third one?

3. “Supper’s ready!”

I was laughing to death but then I said, that’s the whole law and the prophets. That’s it!

That’s all the promise in the whole new testament!

Every time that a minister stands up behind that sacred table, and put up the linen back to reveal the bread and wine, you make only this announcement, in the name of God the Father and Jesus His Only Son and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I Love You.

I Forgive You.

Supper is ready.

Dinner is Ready

Dinner is Ready

“Come and dine, the Father calls you. Come and dine with Me.”



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