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Comfort Zone Challenge – Joyfully Meeting in Israel Part 1 of 2


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Comfort Zone Challenge – Joyfully Meeting Israel

First Part of 2

I’m back after a long vacation. And what I learned is that life cannot be lived inside the safeties of my room. We have to move beyond our boundaries to discover what real life is.

Ancient Herodian City of Cesarea

Ancient Herodian City of Cesarea

Enter Comfort Zone Challenge

As part of my personal goals, I have pursued this comfort zone challenge in the past week. It is not that spectacular to others but it is memorable for me.

First, what are comfort zone challenges? From Till H. Groß, Comfort Zone challenges is defined as “A Comfort Zone Challenge is a planned action to face a fear with the primary goal of overcoming this fear or increasing your courage and confidence. This action includes a calculated risk of negative social evaluation but does not expose you to real danger or long-term negative consequences.”

It is similar to Exposure therapy which is a therapy to cure people with specific phobias by exposing a person to a feared stimulus (eg. a spider, heights, for me pretty gorgeous women haha!, speaking in public) until a your mind no longer responds with fear to what would previously cause a panic response. What happens when you are exposed to a frightening but non-dangerous stimulus? Over time your fear will decrease, and after several exposures, the fear will vanish.

Why do we need comfort zone challenges? I am naturally shy around women and it shows in my life. But for everyone else I am sure that these activities encourage us to increase courage and confidence. And whatever endeavor you pursue, more than skill, talent and knowledge, I believe courage and confidence are important if you want to accomplish extraordinary dreams in life

Comfort Zone Challenges are a tool to prepare yourself for real life situations and should therefore be distinct from real life situations. For example, if you are at a party and you see a really interesting girl whom you have always wanted to talk to but have been too afraid to approach, then this is not a Comfort Zone Challenge. This is a real life situation where your primary goal is to get to know the person.

How are comfort zone challenges contrast to:

  • Comfort Zone Challenge the goal is to become more confident and courageous
  • Real Life has real consequences. The goal is to win a friend, get a date, get a point across, speak up, ask for what you want
  • Prank – the goal is to get funny reactions from people
  • Dare – the goal is to impress the other person

My Comfort Zone Goal.

My Goal is to meet 10 pretty Caucasian women and have a picture with them. *Having your goal clear enough is very important so that you don’t compromise and you know when you have accomplished it. I have met a few before the first approach but because I wasn’t clear that I was to have a picture with them, so it didn’t count.

Judgements I have to accept.

Undertaking anything of value to you will have judgements from other people whether positive or negative. Being a Christian, undertaking this goal and posting this publicly will brand you a playboy and a player. There’s also the expectation of needing this girls you meet to be Christians. There are also the self judgements that I should have done more. Well, we have to accept these judgements and joyfully and sincerely move forward.

Declaration: “With courage and trust, I approach and befriend 10 Caucasian girls and have a photo with them before November 2, 2016.

The first one is a crew of Emirates air. She is from Hungary. Unfortunately, I’m very bad at names. I don’t know if Emirates instruct their flight crew to allow pictures and be courteous. Its a great start.

Comfort Zone Challenge

Hungarian Friend from Emirates Air

The second is our Arabic Christian host for the Bethlehem Tour. She speaks great english and studied University in Tel Aviv.

Comfort Zone Challenge

Rami from Tel Aviv University

The third-sixth is a group of girls from the Netherlands. They are still undergraduates. I said hi to them in French which surprised me that they weren’t snobs. They were in fact Dutch. I still had to polish my hi, I have to remember to give my name and start small talk before asking for a photo with them. That’s because she said “I barely even know you”. At last they obliged.

Dutch Friends from University

Dutch Friends from University

The seventh is a Czech student from Prague. Faithful to her law major, she was reading and had come alone to visit Israel.

Czech Law Student

Czech Law Student

I didn’t reach 10. In life we have to look at reality and study how we can complete the tasks we said we would do. I valued looking at our bags from the airport than working a few Emirates girls. What is important is our values. What is important for me to do at this point? And negotiate with ourselves what things we want to accomplish.

How about you? What are your fears? What can you do to slowly overcome them?

I thought I didn’t reach 10. I was mistaken.

Conclusion on the Next Article : Joyfully Meeting Pretty Women in Israel


Author: Archian

An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

3 thoughts on “Comfort Zone Challenge – Joyfully Meeting in Israel Part 1 of 2

  1. Hi Architech Blogger,

    I read your blog and learned that men should not fear challenges especially approaching women, where most guys like me who haven’t been in the dating scene for quite sometime lack the confidence and the audacity to be the first one to humanize. What tips you can share for us average joes to be confident or how we can re-gain it?

    Appreciate your write up



    • Mr T,

      First of all, thank you for your comment. I could totally relate to your situation.
      I could advice you to be more aware of your fears. What I see is that keeping a journal of our thoughts and what we want improves our attitudes towards challenges in our life. You almost fooled me. Hows life in Saudi, pre!

  2. Bro good to hear that you have been very prolific in a lot of things from arts to blogging and now a Christian Guru who will teach men the right way to be a leader and eventually leading women in relationships. Keep it up bro, I’m good here in Saudi. Anyways, you have emerged as the Alpha Male and I look forward to hear your lessons as soon as get back there. hehe

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