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Comfort Zone Challenge – Meeting in Israel – Completion Episode

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Comfort Zone Challenge – Joyfully Meeting Israel

Completion Episode

Surprise! I am back with a vengeance. They say “it doesn’t matter how small the gate or charge with judgement the scroll, I am the captain of my fate.”

1000 year old mosaic of a Christian Church in Nebo in Jordan

Arch Ian Jay in front of a 1000 year old mosaic of a Christian Church in Nebo in Jordan

I am delighted to find that I have actually completed my adventure in Israel to meet 10 pretty non-filipino women and have a picture with them. For others this may not be significant but the lessons in life is most significant to the learner, not the audience. I am sharing this to share my joy of completion. If you haven’t read the previous post Joyfully Meeting Girls in Israel part 1.

Enter Comfort Zone Challenge

Again what is a Comfort Zone challenge? Comfort Zone challenges are planned actions to face a fear with the primary goal of overcoming this fear or increasing your courage and confidence. This action includes a calculated risk of negative social evaluation but does not expose you to real danger or long-term negative consequences.”

The ninth girl is an Arabic Muslim. Too bad she is married and a little older. . . But wonders, I asked her husband if I can have a picture of his wife. He said yes. I spoke a little Arabic and thanked him. They sold the best oranges in Cana in Galilee.


Arabic Muslim Lady in Can in Galilee

Arabic Muslim Lady in Can in Galilee

And the final task.

I never asked for the picture but thanks to my sister in law Deni, you can find her at

She is an Arab Christian playing the part of gathering olives for processing on the olive press. As most of you would see, Nazareth is no longer the sleepy town it used to be. You would find cars and most of the ancient places of this town is covered with multiple meters of rubble and slabs of concrete over the years.

There were Christians who took out a parcel of unbuilt land and developed it into a re-created village of how it would look during Jesus day. The only catch: Jesus might have walked through this same vineyard, olive gardens and probably told some parables with the disciples here. The remains date back to older times!

Christian Arab Girl in Nazareth Village

Christian Arab Girl in Nazareth Village

Looking back at these experiences, most opportunities in life come around once in the same shape and form. Whether we grab them and make the most of them or decide otherwise, it takes heart. It takes love and courage to do the things you want to do. I may be struggling with voices of fear and self-doubt but every movement forward also deserves a personal celebration.

Because Jesus cared, loved, planted, harvested, carpentered, prayed, laughed and finally offered himself. I can also live full because it was for me that He did bear the joy and grief of being human. We are worthy because Jesus made us worthy. May you find the compassion to pursue the life you deserve to live.

4 Star - Dan Hotel in Jerusalem

4 Star – Dan Hotel in Jerusalem

This is the second part of a 2 part article. To read Joyfully Meeting Women in Israel, click here

How about you? What are your fears? What can you do to slowly overcome them?



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