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The Campus: My Every Nation experience

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The Campus: My Every Nation experience

Today is campus sunday. Synchronized over all Victory churches is the youth topic. As I look back, learning as a student was the biggest spur in my Christian growth. A few months back, I was clueless on how to talk at all. At the same time, I wasn’t aware of all my choices.

I am glad God placed this stage in my life. I would never be here without the lessons I’ve learned those 5 years in college. That’s 5 years in Architecture,:)

Sadly I cant find myself  some old pictures. This was my first year which if you dont know I was virtually invisible to most people (aka. shy)

Things i learned from campus after graduation.

1. I dont have to be perfect.
Ministries will reward those who excel and I could steward what God has given me. The normal reaction would be comparison. Comparison poisons your walk with God. Cain was a totally nice guy until comparison drove him to murder his brother. Comparison with other people insults God who created you just the way you are.

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (1)

2. Friendships are more important than Judgements.

There was a time that to keep “purity” we have to stop talking to “someone”. There were people who due to wrong doctrine and rebellious spirit were put “out” of fellowship by the leaders.


As I am a compliant person, I grudgingly followed. And those times resulted in unnecessary dried up friendships with people I cared about. I believe ministry leaders instruction are for guidance not control.

3. Balance.
After graduation, this is what I’ve learned: Go out the most you can with your friends, while doing great in school, while serving in church, but only when you want to. No one should be forced to do something they dont want to do.

The key is understanding your situation and taking responsibiiity for your actions. On my side, I was afraid of failing in school. And it was a healthy balance. In the long run, I graduated with no failed subjects. I paid off.

4. I should have loved more and feared less.

I performed well in school not out of desire but because of fear. I made disciples and evangelism because i feared my group wouldn’t grow.

There were girls I liked and kept avoiding when I should have went up and spent more time getting to know them. There was a “no dating while studying” rule. I was a legalistic black or white thinker back then. Friendships were really encouraged. But friendship was not really my strong point. I really wish I would have taken risks to say hi and make connections.

5. Being Right vs Emotional openness.
Back in my college days, I had the obsessive habit of making sure I was always right. Being wrong was a nigtmare of shame and guilt.

If I could get the chance, I want to go back and reassure my old self that opening up, taking risk and failing is what I ever needed.

There is no point in pointing blame and being right. It only hurts people and offends them.

Take the queue. Love more. Fear less.Disclaimer. I am an overly thinking and analytical person. Please adjust accordingly.


Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (5)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (5)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (5)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (5)

Fan the Flame Spread the Fire (5)



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