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The Blessing of Family and Pets

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The Blessing of Family and Pets

Last Sunday, I met our fun loving new American bulldog Buddee. He was very charming. I heard from my brother that we just got him that morning. He was a very spirited dog, an overexcited little mutt.  As I walked him around the lawn, his hurried sniffing antics and careless running about hit me. Suddenly I was endeared to him.

(Sorry Ill have a proper picture next time. Guardian of the Bantilan estate, Buddee G. Bantilan.

Add to that my cute little nephew and my world is all complete. Never wold I know that that 11pm, my day would just be starting. Because. . . . I would be up all night!

Clock strikes 12am, I wrap up my work and hit the bed.

Snore in dreamland.

Then one of the the most erratic and out of tune singing in my whole lifetime. Grunts and howling, Buddee let me feel the depth of his sorrow in being in a cold lonely world. It is probably his first time away from mommy and he wants the world to know. Without a mic, he swooned as the other dogs in the neighborhood joined in second stanza and chorus.

Being a victim of this situation feels helpless and irritating. Yet I got a cue from my faithful brother Jerry and his gorgeous wife Deni. Its refreshing to see them build an environment of patience and love for little Jerry III. As  I look at my life, I learn is that most of the things that fluster me are things that don’t really matter. Beware! When so many petty things get my attention, I too become small.

Prince Jerry III, Duke of Mustard 🙂 Heir to the Lawyer’s throne.

In love, I just lie till early morning and get ready for my trip back to Iloilo, trusting that little buddy will find family with us. I decided that everything will be ok, knowing that little Jerry, Buddee and I will have many great moments together.

Thank you Lord for friends, family and pets. My joy is complete.


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