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One day, while I was riding the public transport, I happen to sit beside this beautiful blond 3 year old sitting on the lap of her nanny. I saw that all the passengers were charmed by her cuteness and I too fell in love. How can an English speaking toddler not find her way into your heart. Two young ladies took an special interest in the girl and kept here entertained on the journey. Nevertheless, the kid tries her best to break free off her nanny; squiggling and squirming her way to drop out of hands and lap’s way.

(Of course i didnt snap a picture bka isipin may balak ako mangkidnap approximate look of that nanny little girl kaina – if theres such a thing)

I remember as a child, I was especially restless. No nanny could stop the Mighty Ian. If you rule that I sit, I would stand. If you ask me to be quiet, I would shout. Not even a spanking would stop me.

As we grow old, we get broken. Broken by school, by culture, sometimes by church to try to “conform”. Movies and Mass media will celebrate people who are disruptive – of the economy, or in relationships – rough poor kid wins the classy girl. But in real life, authorities frown at mavericks and gamechangers. They make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Seeing this kid try her best, helped me to remember that life is a struggle. That we are free to live differently. It is refreshing to sit beside a gorgeous 3 year old  in a jeepney trying to push the limits of her world.

How bout you? Are you pushing the boundaries of your life?


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