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2018: Courage to Dare, a Self Prophecy

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2018: Courage to Dare, a Self Prophecy

As I write this journal of today, I feel a new excitement that grips me. There is  a warmth and thrill of facing the coming new year. Intentions are powerful as they convey the meaning of our purpose. Here are the things I am eager about.

On January of 2018,

I see myself a better brother to Jerry.
I am going to love my sister a little bit more.
I am going to love friends differently.

I see myself becoming more confident, rising from the doubts I have of myself.
I am confident I will make a hundred mistakes but I will also try a thousand different things.
I will be a loving uncle.
I will be a better listening kuya to men and women.

Excited Lone Traveller

Excited Lone Traveller

I will be a a daring lone traveller.
I will be asking for a raise.
I will be a rising architect.
I will be a proud discipler.

I will be a voracious reader.
I will be a princely painter, an ardent artist, a fond friend.

I will see the moon a lot more times on the swimming pool.
I will gaze on the stars a lot more.
I will party harder that I’ve ever done before.

Public speaking to a huge audience1

Public speaking to a huge audience1

I will speak to a thousand audience.
I will advice many dozen men.
I will pray for a hundred people for a thousand hours

I will speak in tongues more fervently and receive what was promised.
I will meet a hundred girls and get turned down 99 times, and never slow down.
I will meet the love of my dreams.

I will sail on a night sky.
I will step on foreign lands.
I will surf on an angry ocean.
I will climb a famous peak.

I will share Jesus to 50 men and women.
I will see 10 mysterious islands.
I will gather and lead 50 men.

I will laugh more heartily and will make a foll of myself more shamelessly.
I will defy more conventions bravely.
I will love more courageously.

Diving out of the Sky Full On Bunjee Jumping

Diving out of the Sky Full On Bunjee Jumping

I will jump on risks more deliberately.
I will hug and kiss my family more fully and heartily.
I will share myself more fearlessly.
I will dare more foolishly.

I will not afraid of being wrong.
I will eat with more pleasure and delight.
I will breath more slowly and savor wind like tasting ice cream.

I will laugh more loudly and confidently at conflicts.
I will love God with more abandon and worship with more surrender.

The Courage to Love more Fully

The Courage to Love more Fully

I will suit up more fashionably.
I will chase God more boldly.
I will ask God like a son, his Father.
I will love with greater vulnerability and courage.

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Now what are you excited about? I want you to write down what you see yourself doing this next year on desktop notepad and post it on the comment line. (Try to avoid finances – ask yourself what would you want to do if money wasn’t a problem?)


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