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Live Die Repeat: What to do when you’re Stuck

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Live Die Repeat: Courage to Move Forward


I was looking to re-watch the films that made an impression on me this year. I could remember that “Edge of Tomorrow” was one of them. The films stars Tom Cruise and the beautiful Emily Blunt. The story is about an alien invasion of earth. The protagonist Cage, an officer was able to kill an alien that keeps him into a time loop in which he relives the same fight and his death over and over again. With each replay, he can choose differently his choices until he is able to find a way to do the impossible – defeat the invincible aliens.

What draws me however into the film is the extract of life lesson: Life is a series of routines and seasons which we continue to live habitually. In order for us to win in life is to be aware that we are indeed in the loop. For example in college, we retake the same failed classes until we pass. After college, we take the board exam, fortunately once for some but excruciatingly repeat if we fail. In relationships, a man gets to the motion of pursuing a girl to get turned down  until he adjusts, and find the chance to win her heart.

Edge of Tomorrow 2014

Edge of Tomorrow 2014

What I have learned from the film:

  1. We can reboot many things we fail on. Aside from pregnancy, death, limb loss and a few others, there are absolutely infinite reloads when we fail. From improving our parenting our first child (we can have a second one) to being fired from work, or broken up from your girlfriend, these life experiences are temporary, unless we miss the lesson. 🙂
  2. We can choose differently on our situations. What I have figured these past year is that there are some actions that are too habitual that I never thought that I could do it differently. But instead of perceiving this mismatch of choice, I keep doing the same action faster, which makes it worse, and wonder why it never succeeds.
  3. We can ask for help. The greatest victories in our lives and the lives of our friends are the products of collaboration. This I am learning the hard way. Being intelligent I thought I could do things on my own. But on the contrary, even the simplest stuff, the question is never whether we can do it ourselves, the better question is if it is possible to do it together with others or let other people do it.
    In school, we are taught to rely on ourselves. In real life, there are no right answers, only better answers. And the more you ask others for answers, the more you find better answers.
  4. You are responsible for your own life. Major Cage started out like a victim. He was on the wrong place at the wrong time, trapped by actions of different people. He was whining why things are so difficult and not working as it should. He was also frustrated that it had to be him who had to break the chain of monotonous repetition. He felt angry that his best effort was useless against a formidable and impossible enemy.
    Soon enough he recognized that there is no one responsible for his life but him. Other people will keep on doing what they usually do, something that he cannot control.

For many years, I thought that life’s goal was not making a mistake. What I learned is that I have to break the habit of fear of rejection or failure and start taking responsibility for my life. It is not my fault that I am not gifted in an area I am competing with skilled, talented people but I am responsible to be choosing to fight in the same box these guys are. Two choices if I want to win – get better at this, or find another box to fight on. 😀



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