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Fruits of Fasting 2018 Part 1

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Fruits of Fasting 2018 Part 1

I had started this fast full of doubt and so much unsure. In my world, I feel like I’m aging and not making progress the way I want to. For those friends who have subscribed to my blog I want to thank you for being with me all this time in my journey. I wish I could personally take the time to hug you and hold your hand and tell you thank you for supporting me through journey.

Tropical Fruits of Fasting

Tropical Fruits of Fasting

At the first day of fasting, I was very skeptical. I understand that many of my friends find that fasting is a waste of time and the needy and controlling part of me want to shake them and show them that fasting increases focus and determination, if indeed this is where God is leading you. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone followed your every queue and your interests? So I learned that if I ever wanted to do this, showing off how good it is is not gonna be enough. If I was in any way doing all this effort to show off what it is to other people, is gotta be a losing battle. (Other than doing this for God) I have to do this because I want it and because I am doing this for me.

Faithfulness of God

Faithfulness of God

After the second and third day, I am surprised to get some results I never expected. One thing that stand out is that God is so powerful and could do whatever He wants in my life. At the same time Grace. There will be things I never planned but just receive it. That I can say, was something I woke up to and thank God for His faithfulness.

The word came to me saying “When you are unfaithful and confused Ian and don’t keep your word (Something I obsess about) I will fulfill all the good promises I made to you because I love you. I am going to keep loving you and you can never do anything about it. I’m going to surprise you with many things you cannot afford and do. But no sweat. I am watching your back. My hand will catch you.” Learn from me because I am gentle and understand what you go through. Ian I am your great reward.”

Architect in Iloilo Fasting for the Year 2018

Architect in Iloilo Fasting for the Year 2018

This is the word I received. But if you want to grow faith and you like this word, do this trick. Say the same word and substitute your name for Ian. 😁

God is not challenged to fulfill it to in your life, He will be more than happy to love you and He really cares. 💕


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