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Evaluation of Physical Changes of 5 Day Fasting

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Evaluation of Physical Changes of 5 Day Fasting

This is not a scientific journal, it is a personal blog.

It has been a tradition in our church to start the year seeking God (I’m apologizing to my secular readers) The action we accomplish this is through corporate prayer and fasting. For those expecting a spiritual article I would like to state that this will not be one. Instead I will discuss how actions and expectations affect our results.

In my physical life, I want to look ripped. When I was young my first superhero was He-man, gifted with superhero strength. But there is nothing an 8 year old can do about his chest and shoulders except to bully other kids and show them who is boss. I was a scrawny little kid who can be the alpha kid on the classroom so I boss around in my home.

Ripped Arms and Torso and I will for the Head - Voltron Force

Ripped Arms and Torso and I will form the Head – Voltron Force

As I grew more mature, I found that I never wanted to look like the Hulk, I was more of a Spiderman – Captain America thing, agile enough to move and fight if case need be. Hence the picture above. It is still a long way and sessions to be where I want to be, but it takes a choice to celebrate the now.

My Upper Body before and After Fasting

My Upper Body before and After FMy Upper Body before and After Fastingasting

The Fast

The Fast is a 5 day event with every day a chosen kind of fast between water fast, liquid fast and one meal. Why I do this is because I want it for myself. It takes commitment to deny your body food. A good number of research has praised the positive effects of fasting. Another reason is for focus and restraining of the appetite.

Below are my chosen fast:

Day 1 – One Meal (morning to evening – breaking with fruits composed of apples, oranges and bananas)
Day 2 – Liquid fast – 4 energy drinks
Day 3 – One Meal (morning to evening – breaking with fruits)
Day 4 – One Meal (morning to evening – breaking with fruits)
Day 5 – Liquid fast – 1 energy drink and breaking the fast at 730pm.

Following the above schedule we could see reduction of fatty tissues on the chest, shoulders and visibly on the abs. Due to stopped chest exercises, we could see a smaller chest.

Other effects during Fasting

Many people are worried about what will happen when they fast. Jesus fasted for 40days and 40 nights. Most people from dessert areas have tougher limits on food. You will not die. On the first and second day, I experienced restlessness and slight pain on my head as my head is adjusting to the lack of nutrients.

Fasting During Work Time.

I work in construction and in previous years, the work is very physical. I was able to to one meal even while I was climbing 3-4 levels of steps during site inspection. The only time I experienced fever was because my supervisor was climbing faster than normal which totally weakened me. Another situation is having to adjust to the humid-hot site environment and the air-conditioned cold office. In this situation, my request to lower the A.C. was not approved and my body got weakened. I got sick the next day and had to compromise my commitment.

Me chest and torso at 2018

Fasting Commitment

In conclusion, a one meal fast is very doable. It is not so much a strain. Liquid fast is doable for lean thin to mid sized individuals and are already going to prove a challenge for heavy individuals. Water fast is not impossible. During water fast, be sure to plan ahead for longer time of rest and light activity during the day.

It is also easier to fast using a gradual exposure of the body to fasting from a one-meal a day before the fast, liquid and then water fast. Extended water fast will be challenging on the first and second days. Please take time to gradually re-integrate food during the fast. This is done through soups, where the body adjusts to be able to take in food as it used to.

Happy Fasting and May the Blessing and Favor of God be upon you and your Family.


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