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My Virtual Love Life in One Tree Hill

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My Virtual Love Life in One Tree Hill

I’ve never really lived in community. I was the outcast trying to fit i, in high school or college. By college, I had some clout attending Victory and studying in one of Asia’s premier university and got some status man of God, desirable, intelligent. So much for a guy who based his identity on how popular he is, not on how many women he slept with, how many drunken parties he’s been to and how much money he had. Hint: the last three – none.

So when I was isolated working in a far off Arab country, the things that you didn’t pursue as a college boy begin to haunt you. Especially one fact that I still didn’t have a girlfriend. So when the opportunity to vicariously live this life I desired to have, keeps dangling in a series, I was entranced! It can’t get anything better than this!

One Tree Hill Lead Characters

One Tree Hill Lead Characters

Enter One Tree Hill. The only series I ever lived in.

One Tree Hill is a story of 2 brothers from different mothers living in a small town in the US – One Tree Hill. One is a famous basketball player (Nathan Scott) and his half brother (Lucas Scott) is an outcast living with his mom. Both are good basketball players and run into each other – so the conflict goes. Throw in a lot of beautiful women and girlfriend switching and you got yourself an addictive series, well at least for me.

Why it is a catch.

The series is so good. Probably a Christian wrote it. Of course they have to play in the sex. But with so much clarity, realism and love, the scriptwriter thought about the consequences of sin, broken relationships and failed friendships. You always felt the other person’s feelings. I think its just because I missed these things growing up.

And. Who else would I identify with but Lucas Scott a philosophical outcast by the main characterHe started as arch enemy with the famous half brother because his girlfriend got interested in him, but later on became closest of friends because his lady best friend became his brother’s main love interest in the series.

In high school, I never went out. I would be so Awkward and I could only talk about history and science topics. I was so out of touch. My only place was drawing and painting, where I excelled. I can see clearly how God fashioned my past and how I will obviously be drawn to this ridiculous series. But he designed me to desire the characters and also feel the depth when each character was hurting the other. It was an alternative reality of high school life.

New One Tree Hill Cast

New One Tree Hill Cast

And we go to the Sweetest Part.

The Girls of One Tree Hill. Choose One.

Typecast dreamland girlfriend from One Tree Hill

Typecast dreamland girlfriend from One Tree Hill

Before I go on, let me tell why this is a big thing in my life right now. I am understanding that I am having impossible ideals of who I really want in life. Not me, but expectations of who I have to be and what I really want. (I wish I could say more, just go along with this for now.)

One Tree Hill Girls

Girls of One Tree Hill Girls

There are three ladies in One Tree Hill, Peyton Sawyer in the left is Nathan Scott’s girlfriend, Brooke Davis the bubbly sex crazed cheerleader on the center and Haley the good girl,

Peyton: She’s the popular girl, famous because she’s the top cheerleader of the school but who happens to have some self acceptance issues. Its very attractive to have someone like that. Plus she is physically my ideal – tall, slim and pretty. Not a fan of chest-heavy girls. Model types are my thing. Plus, she goes to party!

Peyton Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer

Enter Brooke: She’s the cheerleader who gets drawn to all the bad guys in the school – players and the rebels.

Why she’s hot. She’s very pretty and is bubbly, she fills in all your quiet moments, and sex on every chance. She’s heavy on the chest (but not my preference). She is the bitch who will put you down if you showed you are a good guy. But if you win her, she’s magical. She’s the exact opposite of the intelligent, reserved, clean guy.

Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis

Haley: She is the girl you would see in the library. The one you ask to tutor you on tests and be good FRIENDS with. Nevertheless, she’s probably the only wife material of the three. You will never think of messing with her because she will jump smash you out of your life if you play with her emotions. She expects you to be loyal and will be a joy serving her for the rest of your life.

Haley James

Haley James

Wouldn’t it be nice if I found a good girl Haley, is kind of melancholy Peyton, who kind of looks like Brooke?

But thinking about a friendship I have now, there is so much for these ideals.

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.” 1 Corinthians 13:11

Life will lead you to the one that you belong to. Not really life, but God. God, selects and deliberately knows you by design. In my low self esteem days, I would avoid everyone because I can’t trust God or my very shallow emotions. I cannot afford to be confident. But lately, God has overflown my heart with his love.

So goodbye One Tree Hill, and welcome real life. And when you see one, forget what your ideal and get to know her. I got more than a thrilling episode, I am playing the part, God set for me. I just have to read the lines. Trust lang.


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