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Vision Feb 07 2018 The Father’s Heart

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The Road to Healthy Boundaries

Father is holding his Son

Father is holding his Son

Father is holding his Son
Father is holding his Son

Then He transported me into the heavenly realms. I filled my heart with worship and gave it to Him. He said “You don’t have to”.

I said “I want to.”

He answered “You don’t have to.”

I replied “I want to worship you Lord.”

The He said “You don’t have to perform.”

Then he showed me my dad. I am the one who placed him in your life.” Immediately I saw different situations where I resented my dad. Then he spoke “He loved you only the best way he knows how. He is broken too.”

“He wants to give you his best and loved you the only way he can.”

“You are missing me Ian. Read my word? ‘For our earthly fathers disciplined us for a few years, doing the best they knew how. But God’s discipline is always good for us, so that we might share in his holiness.’ ”

“When you look to other people you will be disappointed Ian. As good as they are, I created them imperfect. And you feel I’m failing you. They are only a . . . to finally point to me.

And I saw so much love in His eyes I wonder why I haven’t seen that before. Then He took two hands and knelt down. (I was brought back to become like a little child)

Father and Son

Father and Son

“Ian, listen to me.” He said.

“Listen to me. I am your Father. Eyes on me, Ian.” He hold both my shoulders with both hands and looked straight to my eyes. Again He said “Set your eyes on me. I will never fail you. My love for you will never fail.”.


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