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The Beauty of God’s Faithfulness

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The Beauty of God’s Faithfulness

Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; He is a faithful God, keeping His covenant of love to a THOUSAND generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. Deut 7:9 NIV

God will remember His covenant with you. He will come through for you my friend. Trust Him.

Theres so much joy today. Sometimes there are emotions that a smile can’t suffice. Only tears can express the joy in my heart that gushes force like a fountain from my eyes. Hehehe, literally.

You see I remember this story of David forced to choose by God what option he wants, all injurious to him.

Me ‘n my Father God had a talk today. He said, Ian you did nuthin’ wrong. But choose one which I will fulfill in your life:

1. 9 girlfriends and 30 years of regret and tons of inner healing.

2. 3 girlfriends of the most vicious type and 9 years of domestic violence and kids you have to feed.

3. No girlfriend for 39 years.

Well, I have chosen wisely. Or in Grace, God chose the best option for me. At the same time, honoring God’s option requires willingness to cooperate with Him.

Then I saw Wisdom dressed in her white robe (sorry guys personification lang) came forward and said. Well chosen Ian, “But wisdom is proven right by all her children.” Luke 7:35.

In the past years I have been bitter on God’s plan though I obey. It feels like I focus on what I dont have. Bad move. What I focus on grows bigger! When I focus on challenges it looks bigger than it is. Recently I am shown a vision of the future and I just can’t help but rejoice. Some things in life doesnt have to look and feel good for it to be right. I just do it because I am a mature functioning adult.

I also want to encourage you. Whatever your situation, celebrating what God

I’m so happy. Read my wide wide smile. God loves you so much.


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