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Morning Devotions: Coffee or the Cup on Easter

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Yesterday, while I was visiting a Christian bookstore, I saw this guy, probably a pastor, dressed well, ask for a King James Bible. But more than asking, he was babbling that Christians have been dabbling and changing the verses. That would have been okay but the message was, you mister bible sales guy have to agree with me. He was probably a conservative.

For most of my life, I have tried to change the world according to my world view. So when God reveals His plan for all mankind, Star Wars – Return of the Jedi style, I couldn’t help but imagine that when I share the gospel with people, they all look at me with eyes glazing and say “that’s awesome.”

Enter the Real World.

But that isn’t happening. When I share the gospel, you get all kinds of passive and negative reactions. It’s not like you are offering them a million dollars.

Most of the time, its not the gospel that turns people off. The gospel is potent and powerful. Many times it is not the coffee but the cup that they see. People will have a good or bad feeling when you share the gospel so you have to accept it and take responsibility.

Thursday before Easter Devotion

I woke up late this morning. And following God’s instruction to go out in the morning, I went to the nearest plaza – Mandurriao. I spent time worship there and just as I was to end. God led me to move inside the Cathedral.

There I worshiped and received a word from God. He was just showing me that I have a lot of conflict with Catholics and conservatives practicing their religion. I could feel myself trying to correct what’s wrong. I guess its a prejudice that has been there all this time. There’s so much trying to show I’m right, same like the pastor the previous day. But as the Lord spoke, the message was very loving. But since God has broken the veil and started speaking in my life intimately, I can see how my insecurity is putting more walls for those I feel are at the “wrong” side of my belief.

“Eyes on me, Ian. Spend time in my Presence and receive my love.” As I continued to worship, God showed me that, though born again, I was blind and deaf all the same.

I could see that I was sharing the gospel to correct people and show them I’m right rather that really loving them the way Jesus did. It is futile to stop correcting people and start loving them if you haven’t spent time being loved by the Father. It’s a weird advice to give, especially if you have lived in a strict family background or have perfectionist ideals for yourselves and others. I also found that the only way to love them is to receive that love from the Father.

God reminded me that in trying to prove I am right, I was driving people away and offending them. It is a humbling experience to see that when you offer coffee (God’s perfect solution for man’s problem), it may be Starbucks inside but when people see the cup, its dirty. They’d probably say no.

I am still allergic to legalism but I believe that God is doing a deeper work in my heart. As I spend time being loved by God, He is cleaning my cup and make it a worthy vessel to carry His message, a good cup of coffee!


If you find yourself with a dirty cup, I am not saying that you should stop sharing the gospel. Moving to perfection is a “journey” like a lady told me. I would suggest to spend time to allow God to love you. As you see God as a Father and His love in Jesus, loving other people would come naturally. This will be key for them to see and bring their guard down and accept Jesus into their life. You are going to be okay buddy.


If you are in Bacolod – Iloilo and are wondering what the Gospel is all about and want to hear about it, message me I’ll be glad to share 09778278415.


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