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The “Being” of Experiencing God

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The “being” of Experiencing God

This morning, now my 6th day in my room, as I was looking for my Oil Pastel set (still looking for it) I found these.

the Gift of nice shoes

the Gift of nice shoes

Looks like a nice new pair of shoes. But nothing unusual you would say. But in fact what’s unusual is it’s been there beside my bed since December when I received it. Sorry Tita Leny. Sounds like my experience with God.

I have been too familiar with my life, but He’s always ‘game’ for a puzzle of hide n’ seek all the time. There are promises waiting for us in the background screaming in my face, yet all I could see is my sin, my job, my stuff, my business, my ministry. Have you taken time to smell the flowers lately?

Really? When was the last time you slowed down?

Take a cue. God had to take my attention and keep me without a job for 1 month now and still counting, and I can still keep on finding things that have been there but I am just plain familiar to perceive them. Let’s take a break. Take you phone and find 5 thing you haven’t seen in your house.

Yes. Now! I’m literally looking.

Here’s what I got.

Flowers falling on April Showers on the Garage

Flowers falling on April Showers on the Garage

This is a flower from a tree named April showers that covers our lawn with pretty yellow ‘trash’. Isn’t that trash too beautiful to be garbage. Is God showering your life with petals somewhere – some undeserved loving kindness and tender mercy. Name something specific, don’t tell me the air you breath.

Green Clover undergrowth on the pebbles

Green Clover undergrowth on the pebbles

These are small undergrowth on the white pebbles. The pebbles have been there five years ago when my parents wanted to remodel our home for their nth wedding anniversary. I’ve seen the pebbles but isn’t the greens so refreshing?

Have you seen anything that God has planted onto the rocks of your life. Something refreshing so that when your road is bumpy, you get a sip of refreshing green?

Orchids a little over my head so I didn't see it flowering here

Orchids a little over my head so I didn’t see it flowering here

This is more unusual because when I go around our garden, I get to see the orchids. But this one is a little above eye level so I have to literally look up to find it.

Are there areas in your life that you felt impossible and out of reach that He promised for you to have? Me I have a lot. God has even shown a glimpse of that breakthrough this year. 😀 😀 😀 And it’s ❤beautiful❤ !!!

Cactus with unusual leaves

Cactus with unusual leaves

These is a cactus (I have to ask) that my mom bought at a Green Exhibition. It looks unusual for a cactus and I’ve not seen it there before. Weird leaves but beautiful in its own way.

Have you found a season in your life where you thought you were a failure and full of pricky stuff and suddenly saw that God had already changed you? Don’t you appreciate that God’s grace gets to change you from a pathetic loser to a great champion you really are? Harsh words but suits me! That’s just what God did.

Gentle hanging plants climbing up a tree

Gentle hanging plants climbing up a tree

These are little gentle plants, not the sturdy type climbing on a tree near our neighbors yard. It’s cute how light bounces on the trunk and reveals the rough edges and this plant climbs around and thrives.

Think for a moment. Isn’t it great to have a God who is faithful? It’s when you keep hanging on to his promise at difficult rough times in your life? I believe there are a lot of things you will find only if you stop and listen, and watch, and perceive how our Great God is breaking through in mistakable ways that He knows you are going to see.

Disclaimer: You are gotta say that, good for you because you have a neat garden. Hell yeah, but I also believe that God is in the periphery in your life. If you are moving to fast, you my friend will be missing Him. And you might not see Him if you are only coming to Him when you are not busy.  🙂 Believe me He’s been there all along.


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