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“Hey you can mess up your life as bad as you want. That will not intimidate me from loving you. I am God, I am the master of the most impossible turn around. I enjoy working on especially hard circumstances while you rest on my lap. You are a champion, kiddo!”

Flow of Freshness in your life

Flow of Freshness in your life

“Because no matter how bad you think you’ve become, you will always be my son, and I will be proud of who you are what the steps you are making to be better. I know the great plans I have for you. Plans of a delightful future and an indescribably beautiful. Who do you think gave the ideas to Walt on all the happily ever after Disney endings. You haven’t seen the best yet, my son so you relax and trust me. I will bring you there. Rest in My presence.”



The New Me

The New Me


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