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The Boundary of Christianity and Meditation

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The Meeting of Christianity and Meditation

Once upon a time a man lived in a cramped apartment. He had a wife and 2 kids and a 2000 square foot property. It is pretty big considering that that it was a 3 bedroom house with a wide lawn. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel so because the signs of the accumulated 30 years of living, was cramped all over the living area, dining and even the bedrooms. Items that he and his wife have collected lined up the front yard. Unfinished projects he hoped to finish lined his storage and stood at the master bedroom floor.

Clutter of our Lives

Clutter of our Lives

One day, a childhood friend from the Philippines called to ask a favor. He and his sister was going to stay over for a two-week vacation and use their place to crash. It wasn’t very comfortable but because of the friendship it was hard to say no.

And so with the help of his wife, son, and daughter, they all cleaned up the whole house. Soon a truckload lined his side of the street. They looked in horror as the items collected were actually as huge as their house!

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“I cannot believe we had all these things all along.” he said to his wife.

“Yes, honey. All these 15 years.” answered his wife. “Now we have more space.”

Meditation is taking out the garbage.

Meditation and Christianity
For most people, Christianity and meditation is not a concern. Yet for me I was taught (Biblical Christianity) that meditation is one of the doorways for unclean spirits to legally enter a person. Practices also allow spirits to greater influence and control over your life. Wearing buddha beads (the one offered at the temple), putting a protection amulet over your front door, meditation or engaging in seance, these are the invitations for that spirit’s influence.

Why Meditation is bad

But why all the judgement against meditation? As I was telling the story about Magic Cards, I mentioned “black and white” thinking. This is also called legalism. While some meditation have some spiritual elements which is not good for biblical Christians, other meditation is just silence. The same as money. Money and silence aren’t good or bad. It’s how we use them that make it evil. Drugs too aren’t bad. It’s the intention and use that makes people healed or hurt.

How the Silence really meant Silence

When meditation feeds your fear of looking old, getting sick, fearing death, then it will open you up to a dark spiritual power. You were asking for it!

When meditation is there to make room like taking the useless good (memorable but useless things like clothes that dont fit) and bad thoughts, it is good.

I found myself in the Silence

Going back to the story. After his friend’s visit, he felt good at actually living in his house and can now entertain guests. In the old house he thought he doesn’t have time, he feels tired and he has no space. Now he can make time for everything, he feels awesome and he has got lots of space. That’s because he made room.

Gen. 1:28 – And God said, be fruitful and multiply, control and rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air . . .

Shouldn’t we also rule in our thoughts?

What do you think about Meditation?


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