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Release from the Giants in your Life

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Release from the Giants in your Life

Powerful God of the Angel Armies

Powerful God of the Angel Armies

“I am the Lord, there is no other. I say to the mountains be thrown to the sea. I calm the storms and cause lightning to flash the skies. I am your Creator, the Ancient of Days. I created you in your mother’s womb.

My hands formed your formless body. In the dark I put you together. I called you by name, you are mine.”

Trusting Gods leading and protection

Trusting Gods leading and protection

“I chose your parents, I took you to school. I scheduled teachers for your every year. I hold your hand when you were afraid. I was the comfort when you were in tears. I am the Lord your God.”

“I scheduled men and their machines to fashion clothes for you, from different countries. By the sweat of men and animals I provided your food even from other countries. These things are more than what kings have dreamt of. Because you are special to me.”

“Now, see before you the giants of your Canaan: the power of restlessness and insanity, of slavery to job and bosses. You risked your life to make them happy. You threw away the best of your years for them. Your managers are men, people that I died for, but work and the futility of slaving the best of your strength makes them an idol in your life.”

“The Philistines are directing your life: Drinking, Pornography, Drugs, Sexual Bondage, Anger, Violence, Homosexuality, Death, Sickness, Poverty and Confusion. This is not my will for you, my son, my daughter. I have good things in store for you. I see your hardships and I see your toil. I was there when the demon of hopelessness mock you day after day and day. When the power of depression reigned over you. They are stealing your joy and your identity.”

The Lord says, “no longer.”

God will breakthrough cross your impossible challenges

God will breakthrough cross your impossible challenges

“I commanded the spirit of the air, the demons that hold you. Set them free. You and your families have served them long enough. It is time. There is no one that can set you free. Only I the Lord of the Angel armies can set you free.”

“Like Pharoah, they will not let you go and will not soften change their mind. They will make their burden heavier so that you will cry out in helplessness and hopelessness to me. But fear not my son, my daughter. I am with you.”

“In your cries, you will find me when you seek me with all your heart. You will then cry out in faith. I have always heard you. There is no prayer that I do not hear. And my Spirit will lead you into worship. This is My way says the Lord. Like the musicians paraded before Israel facing the toughest challenge of the Red Sea, let worship flow in your times of desperation. I the Lord will hear and will move to defend you. You are my precious one. I will give up nations to save you.”

“You feel that the enemy has surrounded you because your drinking, porn, drugs and vices do not stop. I the Lord am bigger than your vices. I do not change my mind, I will cause you to look to Me. I am bigger than your vices. I am bigger than your debt, your sin.”

God Holding your Hand

God Holding your Hand

“No sin, or failure will stop My love for you. No people or communities will stop me from loving you or be disappointed in you. You are my son and daughter and with you I am well pleased. I am your Father. No failure or depression can snatch you out of my love.”

Gods love for His children

Gods love for His children

“Though you have caused pain to other people. You feel that past is so dark that no one could accept you. You have killed persons and raped. But my love is able to change you. Dwell in my love and my presence.”

“I can handle the worst part of you. I am bigger than your worst crime. No sin or crime is big enough for me to be surprised. In your darkest night, I will pardon you. This is because I have already paid the penalty for you. In Jesus, I am perfecting the inner man inside you. I want you to hold My Hand and trust me.”

Please take 2 minutes to ask God who needs this message. And share it. You might make a difference in their life.


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