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Who is This Man who Controls the Storm?

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Who is This Man who Controls the Storm?

When I was 12 years old, I had this rival in my territory (basically a 446 sq.m. house and lot). I could rule my mom and dad’s land except. . .

except. . .

Rooster attacks a little kid

Rooster attacks a little kid

. . . at the far end of the garden (of dirt, banana and ipil ipil trees) lived “The Great Rooster”. Many times my nannies thanked him because he strikes fear so ‘I do not go out and play at my friend’s house. The Rooster would flex its chest over my own territory. When I reclaim my place, he would power-peck and flying-scratch everyone who challenges him, especially me. This rooster also had some “chicks” and would lay very large eggs – double and sometimes triple yolk. Those would be our breakfast. I would hold aluminum “swords” – scraps from broken windows to challenge his authority.

At some point I tried mind control. I touched my pointer to my thumb, both hands and mentally forced “The Great Rooster” to crow. In Genesis 1:28, God gave charge to Adam to rule over the all the animals – birds, cattle, wild beasts. Hahaha, red-hardened fighting roosters were part of my rule.:)

“Cook-a-doodle-doo!!” or in Ilonggo “Toktoro-ok!” Basically I closed my mind and with my fingers in place. I enchanted the air through the power of my mind to make the rooster crow, whenever I want. It crowed 6 times at my willing. But I never told my friends lest they tell me I am nuts and I forgot all about that experience.

New Government Center run at night jogging around

New Government Center run at night jogging around

Today, August 11, I came home to a rainy night. I checked the sky. Indeed it was raining. I dressed up to run at the New Government City of Bacolod for a run. It was raining so hard but I knew the teaching about “ascending to heaven” and reigning thanks to Pr Ryan Valenzuela. And so, under a shade near my jogging trail . . . I went to heaven and pushed the clouds aside. After 30 seconds. It was still raining so I went again. When in 20 seconds later, it STOPPED! It’s almost impossible kind of stopped. It wasn’t even flurry. It literally stopped not droplets at all. Wow, the rain stops 6 minutes after it started raining very hard. Could it be coincidence or it really works!

When the disciples faced the storm, Jesus issued a command. “Stop. Be still.” No cursing of course. And the storm quieted down.

Stopping the Rain - change the Weather

Stopping the Rain – change the Weather

Now there are 2 ways you could defy the natural laws (control weather, defy gravity, change reality – basically a miracle) You could go through evil spirits (up to the air) or you can do it through Jesus. Jesus broke the barrier to God when He died on the cross. You can now have unlimited access to heaven and direct access to God the same way you contact the person in your cellphone. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life and full access to the Father. But mind you, with all the people in Bacolod praying to God for rain, or stop the rain, it feels amazing that God listens to my request because I wanted to go jogging. You start to recognized His love and His presence. Done! Now, you can call me crazy, but I still choose to believe and you can too. 🙂


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