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PR Duterte: How Playing Seemingly Dumb moves makes one a Genius

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PR Duterte: How Playing Seemingly Dumb moves makes one a Genius

Let us visit the office of President Rodrigo Duterte. On the surface, you may easily see him as uncouth, uncultured and brash. As his numbers grew during the 2016 elections, most Filipinos could only pray to have someone else in Malacanang. But if you look closely, you will see a calculated planned machinery that put him at that position. How did he land the presidency?

Filipinos watch too much dumb down television. Pleasure centers on the brain secrete hormones every time a Koreanovela ends in pain or

approaching the grand finale. When elaborately costumed heroes act and get 90 seconds airtime to show his eyes twink, his forehead crease, his mouth twitch and his browse raise, you buy yourself less brain matter. Not just dramas, gameshows too. So when we are confronted with politicians we know are just positioning in media and exposing all kinds of wrongdoing, we call their maneuvering and change channel to the interesting telenovelas.

Mark Manson once said (paraphrase) “When a man has no business to put his mind on, he will mind other people’s business.” Previous elections consistently voted in: President Estrada, Senator Sotto and Senator Manny Pacquiao, hopefully Mocha Uson. 🙂 I guess we are getting more actors and lightweights in our senate and congress. They and countless others won because of social media. People do not choose to find time to evaluate the leaders who will govern them.

Taking a cue from this, President Duterte drew his battle plans. Battle plans that include the dumb but most controversial actions that will make him a laughing stock of the intelligent. If lucky, could position him in issues that matter. Audacity takes risk. He was willing to fail to finally succeed.


“Don’t mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it; if unfair, keep from irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; if it is justified it is not criticism, learn from it.” Anonymous

How do you succeed in a world that will not tolerate mistakes and compete for the loudest shaming in social media?

The previous presidents sucked it up. President Gloria Arroyo changed topic and positioned stories. President Noynoy Aquino just kept working and spread the positive vibes. Nevertheless the criticism stung hard and deep.

Courage and Audacity

“It takes genius to actually play the fool.” Ian Jay Bantilan

In a world of rights and should be. It is pitiful to be wrong. Any mistake will position you into notoriety in social media. A wrong move in anger, shouting against a security guard, forgetting to thank a fan, not giving to a beggar could actually shower you with viral hate. How did we become so petty?

It takes courage to accept mistakes. It takes even greater audacity to deliberately be wrong so that the whole world can see. That’s what PRD did. When their eyes were on him for cussing, for seemingly racist comments, now we are talking. Confounds all the moralist, the intelligent including the madlang people.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right. You’ll be criticized anyway.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Disclaimer: I am not agreeing that we all cuss and be racist or threaten to kill people. I am just pointing that this guy was willing to look like a fool. You can put your criticism or support below.


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