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Perfect Heaven in the Real World

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Perfect Heaven in the Real World

Enter Heaven/ Atlantis/ Asgard/ Valhalla
This past 3 months I got mesmerized of the biblical reality to enter Heaven and implement my management from there. (At this point you may be thinking, this guy is getting crazy. You may choose to read a different article. If you are ok, read on!) I don’t It opened whole new possibilities and in psychological language, I more than joyful to have increased my Locus of Control.

Locus of control is the paradigm of seeing the world and recognizing that you may not have control of many things but you always have something to say or choice on what affects you. As the only beings created in God’s image, we bear God’s creative and spoken nature. What we think defines everything wlse around us just as God speaking “Let there be light” defined the chaotic darkness.

Seating in Heaven reveals our true design even from eternity past. God loves us and desires more than passive enslaved worshippers. He desires partners, friends and sons. We thought worship makes God happy. yes He is happy but truth is, worship was created and designed for us to actualize and rise to the fill purpose of being human.

Worship transforms the world around us. It is not a required chore as a servant of God. It was, before Jesus. When Jesus came, He slid open the window on the dark earth and threw open the curtains to let the glorious powerful light flooding in our room. He gives the invitation, “Beloved, ce up here. Reign with me.”

The question for me was, How do I balance the perfection I see in Heaven and the surprises on Earth of things not coming out as I planned?

To shed light I want to tell you the reason I asked this question. There was a girl, yeah it’s always about a girl. The romantic friendship didn’t turn out for better so I asked God a “Back to the Future” question: what would this turn out?

The Sickness of Outcome Focus
Part of the problem is “Low Effort” syndrome. Low effort syndrome is theory of efficient energy use by spending the least energy to accomplish success. Deeply related to this attitude is the minimizing of risk, avoiding mistakes and consequently the thinking that “if something fails, it is a waste of energy, resources and time.”

The God Survey
Welcome to Heaven.
“Lord you are my Father, I just came from earth where I am answering an exam. On item #34. Whats the right answer: a) b) c) d) or e) none of the above.” Can you cheat on school exams if God gives the answer? It is a possibility. You should try. And also study.

Faith pleases God. Keep asking God because it shows that you believe in Him and expect an answer. It is the “low effoet syndrome” that ruins our joy when we can’t tolerate not yet or no for now answers.

Coming to God so that we wont make wrong decisions is not going to be pretty. God is responsible for everything but you are still responsible for you. I have that access to heaven but I have to be responsible for me. Making decisions for myself doesn’t mean that God isn’t omnipotent or omniscient. It means that I respect Gods deliiegated stewardship and responsiblity for my life.

The Heavenly courts are a privelege, not a right. Jesus opened the way so we can ask God silly questions and experience being a son. So keep asking. Mistakes are welcome. Even sin does not disqualify entry to His presence. You may feel guilty or unworthy but you always have The key. Jesus is the way. He is the key.

So make mistakes. Laugh at failure.

And like a little child holding the tip of Gods finger, trust that He has the best for you.


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