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How the Spirit Realm looked like during Jesus Death and Resurrection

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How the life of Jesus looked in the Spirit Realm

Everyone talks about it. We have different expectations on how it should be. Sometimes we have disappointments because what we thought it should look like doesn’t feel that way. I feel you.

Coming from a very analytical background really closed my mind. I am also a perfectionist (I learned it is actually pride to never admit mistakes, make it a habit and there you go, perfectionism, even for areas you want to be “normal”) But nothing is too great for God to break through. He gave me friends who were open enough to see the goodness of God in my life and spoke enough to convince me I was prophetic.

Being prophetic started with so much calculations, and that is the reason why I felt it was my own mind making up things. But that’s also the way babies learn: making assumptions, taking risks crawling, and pawing and tumbling until the baby learns to stand, to walk, to talk. That’s how you learn it. When Jesus said you have to be born again, the emphasis is not to be on a religious group, it just mean, you have to be willing to be crazy and look crazy like a child. I got regenerated way back 1992. But only now am I really like a baby believing God for big stuff. Unless you become a child you can never enter the kingdom of heaven.

This video is how I felt when I was worshiping and started seeing the parallels. As I was reflecting there are so much meanings. Instead of me pointing it out, ask God like a child what it means. Please be informed this video is 11 minutes long.

When you look at it you will appreciate what Jesus did. I used to feel only guilt and shame for my sins when I imagine Jesus death. The goal was to reduce sinning and stop smoking, drinking, drugs, hurting other people; basically being a bad person. My journey took me to a place where I felt totally useless – like a little child, you dont get to choose how to fight – everything else was Jesus fighting for me. That’s when I appreciated what worship really is. It is an offensive “self-deprecating” experience where we can admit we are defenseless and needy for God while acknowledging the power and glory of God. When you do so, God takes your own worship and raises your spirit man and puts a double edged sword on your spirit and makes him drink “praise drunkenness” then lets you swing around the darkness that is around your like clearing tall thick cogon grass until all the wild leaves of opposition, negative spiritual activity or depressing situations feel “broken”. In the spirit it is actually as real when you ‘felt’ it was broken. It is our physical eyes and mind that make us believe we are still stuck and a failure.

Next, try to watch the film. Please tell me as many reasons, why this looks like a supernatural Christian’s journey instead of Jesus. First hint: Neo at first didn’t believe he was the One. I believe Jesus never doubt his being the One. But when we seek God and He tells us your supposed to be like Jesus, we count our flaws and failures and the amount of physical hard work we can do to reach God’s standard for us.

Happy Viewing! Rise up mighty warrior! God sees who you really are!


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