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Bible Reading: from Law to Joy

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Bible Reading: from Law to Joy

Back in 2011, I was struggling about bible reading and Im not reaching my chapters per day. I asked a friend about it and was enlightened from his answer.

He answered:”Ian, maturity speaks that you let God love you whether you read your bible every day or never read it again. You’re making reading your bible into a law that you have to try very hard to keep. Jesus came that we might be dead to laws.”

He said “Reading your bible is a way of getting to know God better. What would you think if a friend said you, “Ian, I feel I should spend 10 minutes every day with you, and if I don’t, I’ll feel really bad about the situation.” Would you be happy for the friend to feel this way…? Neither does God.”

“Allow me to release you from your requirement to read your bible every day. You’re a born again believer who has been made new and has his word written on your heart. How do I know? Scripture tells me so. Feel free to come to God and read word as the Spirit leads you. Remember, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” So walk in freedom & in the Spirit and not in the rules & laws the we find ourselves living under.”

“God bless you Ian as you walk this revelation out. Cheers, stay in touch.”


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