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Maturing in Attraction

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Maturing in Attraction

INTJs are unique creatures, just ask me. Having an INTJ personality gives me a weak understanding of emotions. That’s why relationship seems to be the challenge for me. Read about INTJs from or find out your personality and romantic solutions! Nevertheless, INTJs are the most loyal people you will find. Your challenge with them is actually how to hook them. 😊

I’m just elated to see how my declarations changed regarding improving friendships with girls I seem to like. I am posting this to open more awareness of guys who are INTJs or in a bad emotional situation in relationships.

The old declaration is “I am already complete! When I find a pretty girl I say “I like you, so what”! Only I can complete me.” First of all you wouldnt want to see my previous declarations. It’s simply embarrassing how insecure I was. But I’m still me.

From above, you can see it is still in the self-conscious-I-dont-know-how-to-deal-with-this frame. This is because my reality is I am pushing my emotions back to submission like any good intj. This feels like a very hung-up kind of guy. Hehehe. But it’s on target to the truth of knowing he is already complete.

What I Want

I am aware that I want to stop resisting emotional attraction and let it flow more freely. I also want to be so secure I dont have “to say no” to ladies I’m not pursuing, which is still fear. Instead I want to be so confident what I dont want just doesn’t register.

Instead I want to flow from the abundance of who I am and what God wants me to be that I lack no good thing in my life. And the interesting ladies I meet would have to shake up this fulness and make me want to share my life with them.

Today my declaration is: “When I’m attracted to a pretty lady I will honor what God is doing in my life and honor what He is doing in her life.”

This reframe shows a higher perspective. There’s no more trying to do anything or find that girl. When she is ready, she will come into my life. That comes from trust and not fear.

Face it guys, there are a billion girls in this planet. It’s not saying yes to the right one that will be your problem – its saying no to those that shouldn’t be in your life. And I’m not talking about . . . , I’m talking about the nice ones that you just know were not for you but it was easier ro have someones hand on valentines day because your heart felt so empty and you feel so horny. Hehehe. Hugot.

Thats why its important to recognize your intuition. And being honest to yourself will give you the strength to honor and receive what is for you the same way to say no to what is not for you.

When you say yes to someone who’s not for you makes it hard to say yes to the one that is right. Why? You already married because she got pregnant. That was a joke but it could be true. Honoring changes the perspective and brings clarity to your decisions.

This time I start to be ok feeling attracted and start asking the Holy Spirit what He is doing – finally know if my name is written in her life. 🙂

I’m still not looking for a lifetime partner. But now I know how to deal with emotions! It’s time to live it.


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