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Personal Declarations 2019: A New Reality


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Personal Declarations 2019: A New Reality

It has been a long time since I wrote my personal constitution back in 2002. Read it here. So much has changed and I’m incredibly thankful to God for showing me a lot more of who I am.

The Changes
Twenty years ago, so much of me is confused, angry and ashamed. I was trying to ‘manage’ myself. So in my constitution, I identified the major relationships in my life: God, family,

studies and work and worded my way to fix that. But one thing is sure about management: the goal is to improve and not to lose.

Two years ago I discovered the power of declarations. This comes from the place of understanding that I don’t control things and people but the people around me are a reflection of my thoughts good or bad.

Aware of my responsibility, I have full control of everything that happens to me. I attract everything that are already in my life. Positive thoughts attract realities, while negative thoughts attract bad things. Control and manipulation, envy and unforgiveness in the long run entangles me with fear, pain, guilt and sickness.

My First Declaration circa 2018 November

  1. I am cheerful and supportive, always sharing and developing ideas. I stay open-minded, taking in others’ thoughts and feelings. This warmth and sincerity makes me a master of drawing people out of their shells. As a result I have a huge circle of friends.
  2. I demand to see miracles and the impossible in my life. What I want is doable and available to me. I decide that I am already abundant and prosperous!
  3. I journal my time and clarify my commitments so I can follow through with them. I believe that I can achieve an impossible goal by managing it to smaller tasks.
  4. I take charge of my own life. I am responsible for everything good and bad that happens in my life. I will stop explaining who I am to other people.
  5. My God loves me and fights for me. I am treasured and worth fighting for. Trusting God makes me powerful and unlimited.
    God is my source.
    I lack nothing.
    I refuse to worry.

Take note that many of my old declarations wanted control and security.

I was reflecting on my life and figuring out what I want. Through constant reflection and countless change I am happily moving towards who I really am. Identity is powerful.

Here are 4 of my 10 declarations as of July 2019.

Arch Ian Jay Bantilan’s Daily Declarations

  1. I believe that the best things are yet to come. They come through rest, not through striving. I dont have to fight for what I want. I receive them through Jesus. I define my realities.
  2. I welcome and honor what God is doing in my life. I let go trying to know. I receive all that is for me. I let go of what is not me.
    I honor what God is doing in other people. I can accept rejection or negative response from people.
  3. I am unlimited! Today I ask difficult questions and demand answers. The answers to my questions are simple: ask more questions, exercise more often, laugh with friends, love more people.
    I can remember people, faces and data because I have the mind of Christ.
  4. I am treasured and worth fighting for. Trusting God & letting go makes me powerful and unlimited. Other people can’t define me. Only I can define me.
    I am never alone. All challenges are easy because Jesus is inside me. I can face tougher than this.

What Changed?

My previous declarations were not wrong. It was just that my reality was controlled by fear, guilt and performance.

What changed? As I experienced more fathering and intimacy with God, change was getting easier. I can trust that God is in control, yet He chooses to allow me to stumble along, hurt and eventually mature while in fellowship with Him. This was opposite of my mindset, I want to work hard, become successful and offer the win back to God. To the point that I am forcing myself to be successful, rich, wealthy and powerful, it is I that will be more frustrated in life. God wants me to know I already am what I want while growing desire for what it will give instead of “want” or “lack”. I believe there is only one option to succeed: to walk, talk, play and laugh like Jesus.


Author: Archian

An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

2 thoughts on “Personal Declarations 2019: A New Reality

  1. Arch Ian, are you real? You are unique! You are a Model! You have proven that God exist and has been guiding you all the way!
    May God continue blessing you and continue helping others. Great guy and richly BLESSED!

    • For 30 years I have been struggling in life in love and in career. Well, I heard Jesus loves desperate people because they are the ones most willing to surrender.

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