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How we can Turn Back Time and Aging

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How we can Turn Back Time and Aging

Jesus Christ on Ferrari

How would Jesus Christ look on a Ferrari on 100BC

Imagine for a moment that we were all waiting for Jesus back in 100BC. We think he will be a ruler, he was wearing Armani suit, drives a Ferrari and has 5 gold rings on his finger, cool shades and a fuzzy hat. Then in 4AD, Jesus came looking like an outcast, wears a jersey and He looks black. He didn’t kick out the Romans – the problem we want to solve, but He intrudes on rearranging the personal life and our temple, things we thought were ok and doesn’t need fixing. That is how Jesus looks like when He comes daily in our life, He feels so outrageous and intruding it is easy to miss Him even if He comes not everyday but every hour! That is my experience.

That is also the experience of church. In the past, we assumed God was going to do this and that, so we made laws to protect ourselves from wrong thinking. We excommunicate those who believed different from what we know. God intended the teachers of the church to be like fruit trees. They are to produce of fruit – truth-knowledge. They were not meant to be repackagers and resellers.

Architect in Israel

Architect in Israel

Repackagers are Christians who attend many conferences looking the next new thing. 3 years ago in 2017, we went to Israel for pilgrimage. I can feel that the package tour rode on our repackaging spirit to make a lot of money. One mark of a repackager is that he takes what he learns from the conference, tells the story, but there is no transfer of value between the conference and him (his life remains the same) and, him and the friends he retells the story to. Sadly that was me.

I have the redemptive gift of Teacher. (If you are interested in learning your redemptive gift, please message me.) We were created on the third day of creation: trees and plants. Teachers like me are created to produce abundant fruit. What does this fruit production look like? It means seeking God and His word. Like a tree, teachers are to take the nutrients from

  1. the soil of God’s word,
  2. the air is the context of their own life and
  3. sunlight – the existing light of their own spirit plus additional light from the Holy Spirit (This doesn’t you shine brighter than the Holy Spirit, it means God wants you to look first before you complain that you can’t find the lost item)

to find the treasures of God to feed the whole community and nation. Why are there so few fruit trees in this day? Because it is easier to take other peoples revelation as it is and not need to make it grow by:

  1. believing that God wants to give us truth
  2. having a desire to share what we learned and serve other people
  3. applying it in our own life
  4. testing if it works and check if there are other truths that can make it more practical

My Personal Journey

For a long time, I have been wondering why I always look 10 years younger than my age. I thought it was this bad habit in my life that pushes blood over my system and so keeps me young. I keep on seeking and searching not just about this issue but many others. Oftentimes, my conclusions are so partial it sounds critical and  judgemental to other people. I agonize about it not motivating or loving to people so I yearn and get broken about it.

Leviathan, the Good and the Bad.

Lately I learned a new truth harvested by an incredible grower named Arthur Burk. I took some of his teaching, and started asking God what it is in my own life. I discovered, I have some fruit in my own life. It’s my time stopping I don’t look as old as I should.

Let me teach a unique learning: the world religions are 98% truth with 2% lies. It is the glory of teachers to find out which are true and where is the lie. What the church-teachers in the past has done is to judge which one is right and which is heresy. Sadly they labelled all religions as heresy! What is the result? The Kingdom of God suffered a military retreat because we let go of the very lands and properties the Lord commanded us to take over. The enemy kept on advancing the technology of those religions without any opposition.

On the positive side, Micheal Jordan shows the positive side of the Leviathan. Though he was underperforming in basketball back in his high school, his spirit desired more breakthrough though his soul was not cooperating. After constant shooting practice and discipline, his spirit, unlocked newer “air motion” truths, much of it accidentally because he was pursuing excellence for many many years.

Micheal Jordan - power of heart and spirit

Micheal Jordan – release of Leviathan – heart and spirit

Leviathan, the Devourer

Let me go back to my physical reversal-aging technique. This I learned is the positive side of Leviathan. The negative side of Leviathan is manifested in lost time, lost health and lost energy. It is also found in 98% of the truth in Karma. Karma is Leviathan in the Bible. What is the 2% lie? I am still going to find out.

Karma is the principle of sowing and reaping. But because of its vague application, it has additional truth about the momentum from sowing and reaping. Sowing and Reaping as christian concepts are limited by our legalistic beliefs: Fear of doing wrong and Slave to doing right.

Why don’t I age faster like other people? (Hey I’m not bragging, just gleaning truths of what principles are at work, otherwise I am just happy I am the way I am) To get to that truth let me ask you a question. Do you know of people who age faster? (Loss of Time) Who work hard and earn little? (Devouring of fruits) Who are sick even though they have very light work? (Loss of Health)

God will finish what he Started - Something New

God will finish what he Started – Something New

Why Effort is Sometimes Enough

Now there are people who are gifted to teach. They will be required a higher quota of truth than the one with the gift of giving. The giver will be given a higher quota to give. If you were a giver with the desire to teach, God will honor your desire even if 10 efforts on your side will make 1 effort of teaching from a teacher. That is why we need to be stewards of our own gift and set our quote – limits to as high as God reveals it, not set it to your seatmate on church. For those who produce much even more will be added to him.

I believe that God is a rewarder of effort especially when the beloved son or daughter is pursuing God for the right motive, even if the truth is not yet released. Sadly I have only 2 disciples to show for in my 25 years of pursuing growth. In the past I felt guilt and depression about it. My brother in contrast grows to probably in the hundreds of fruits while he joined 5 years later than me in the same church. I have pursued my breakthrough for 25 years now. I was born into Sunday school and I have seen many others surpass the breakthrough I want. I didn’t take a vacation. For them breakthrough came in a few months. I feel that Leviathan was devouring my fruits for 25 years. But God is fair, he reverses time, to show me as a loving Father, that He knows and wants me to move forward because He finishes what He started.

Hey, Champ, don’t give up. The Father is gambling a lot of His honor, don’t let Him down because He believes in you.


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