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Loved You for a Thousand Years

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How we can Turn Back Time and Aging

Eternal Introduction

I was a mortal. You were a God.
But you have loved me from everlasting to everlasting.
Before I was born, you knew me.
I was your beloved son. You were the Father.
So you sent Him from the Golden streets of Heaven and came to earth.

You loved me.

Saga 1

I was subhuman. You were light and love.
I have powers and visions and knowledge.
And could fly around all the world.
But you were warm and merciful.

When I first you, my heart melted.
In my inner being, I knew fear.
In that Pastor’s house, I first saw your eyes
And the deep desperation of not having, Having no eternity with you.

I had superhuman strength,
I could move mountains,
I was like cold like a vampire
With a heart cold like steel.

Saga 2

But you were like rain from heaven
You are like the dew that falls on the ground
Your eyes sparkled like the light of stars
Spewing purpose, direction and life.

And so all the barren desserts of my heart,
In an instant sprang with energy and life
Water kissed the ground, grew seedlings of green
Shrubs and branches, leaves and petals of glory.

In many episodes I met you,
Like the Twilight film on their school
You were with the music team,
and I served like an usher.

But light shone on the stage,
When in worship lightning strikes the people
Strikes not the audience but only me
Because it burns all my being.

How could the Creator of the Universe
Endow me with prophecies and vision
And bring me to see the future,
And not see you all along.

I was created on the first day of creation,
Of incredible energy and life and fulness
While you were created in the last
with all the beauty of the Universe.

How can the Spirit of Life,
Bring you from the ends of the earth.
And take you with chariots of fire
To be with me for eternity.

But the Father knows His own plans,
And He has the master plan,
No matter how far I see
It is through Him, all being be.


Author: Archian

An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

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