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How to Redeem our Professions from the Devourer

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How to Redeem our Professions from the Devourer

When I was a boy, I would yawn when I attend Sunday School. I think this thing about love was a lot of @/#$@)+. When can we fly and kick butt? Why do the church have to be so full of softies? (Please don’t judge me, I’m making a point)

Fast forward to two weeks ago when I “accidentally” had a training – training for God’s Kingdom’s Elite Forces. We are invisible to earth forces radar. By the way, you are reading this article because the Father specifically lead you to read this. I don’t totally know how it works, but God directs every part of our life. We have the freedom to accept His direction or knowingly /unknowingly resist His leading.

Today I get a letter that I am recruited to be part of God’s Kingdom Special Forces. It says that all my life was basic training. I was already in it since 4 years old. I got recruited because of 1. God’s grace 2. My willingness to suffer mental, financial and personal pain and loss for the sake of the Kingdom. No less than the King Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ inspects the recruits.

I am amazed how God designs clinical stealth strikes to the enemy. In each case, God raises people who are like terrorists: willing to love God and suffer loss for the kingdom. But the goal isn’t to kill bad people. It is to rescue confused people while they are hostage by terrorist spirits. Part of the challenge is that they themselves don’t want help. Often, the King’s order is to destroy the enemy without hurting the hostage.

Kingdom Special Forces and USA Navy Seals
The Kingdom forces are similar to seals. Seals are trained in the most elite sea rescue missions. Part of their training is to act against the nature of fear and panic while in water. Normal humans can evolve beyond their fear of people, fear of pain, failure (the exact thing) and fear of financial loss.

One of the greatest Kingdom Special Forces was Stephen the Martyr. He infiltrated the kingdom of darkness to reach one of God’s greatest heros, the Apostle Paul. That prayer on his death echoed in the spiritual realms and created cracks all over the barack walls of the enemy. It devastated 43 of the enemy’s powerful weapons. That is the power of a single Kingdom Elite Forces.

The Philippine Professions.
I had heard about the plight of nurses in the country. My first reaction was, thank God I am not a nurse. But after a lot of frustration in my practice, I have come to learn that most people answer like me: I avoid being a nurse. What Kingdom Elite Forces training does is groan and feel broken about other people’s situation. This is because I myself am affected in the situation.

I have learned that many officials in my nation’s are a member of a certain fraternity that mentions Egyptian gods on their own secret files. Most members know they are a socio civic group. Only the top levels like the Grand Master know. These dedicate the whole organization to their gods as these gods make them prosper while oppressing every member of that organization. So when recognize the Egyptian curse at work in my profession, I can feel God’s heart about the issue.

Let me Share the Egyptian Curse
13 The Egyptians made them work hard. They didn’t show them any pity. 14 The people suffered because of their hard labor. The slave drivers forced them to work with bricks and mud. And they made them do all kinds of work in the fields. The Egyptians didn’t show them any pity at all. They made them work very hard. Exodus 1:11-14

These are the same godsI feel that these curse is upon the many professions in the Philippines. This is not a sweeping statement. For now, I can only confirm Architecture and Nursing. You decide what it looks for you.

How to break the curse? To answer that let me tell a story from Arthur Burk. He tells a story of a group of missionaries accessing a City in Argentina. The city in Argentina operates in the gift of ruler. On the first week the missionaries shared the gospel. The residents never listened. After seeking God they understood the strategy. They have to come in the opposite spirit: humility.

The next day bowing down and operating in the spirit of humility, the residents listened to them.

10 Air Strikes to the enemy Camp, can only be Authorized by Elite Kingdom Forces

In the Egyptian story, God answered the Egyptians with the 10 plagues. Last week, in talking with God, I had an idea of 10 next projects pro bono. Yet I remember that part of our code of ethics is no pro bono services except for charities. So I decide to follow the minimum Egyptian fee for the next projects believing that God can provide me what I need.

This enslaving Egyptian spirit is a battle of sonship. Will you as a Christian be able to totally trust God with your finances rather than the controlling economic spirit? I don’t know but I have walked with God long enough to try. I am not saying this is the way you should do it but you get the gist.

Walking by Faith

The enemy stands on their authority only because of the authority other people have given then. If financial greed and promiscuity is reigning in a city, we could reclaim that authority by a higher level of authority. If the financial greed is -60 points in authority we can overcome it by +100 points in sharing and contentment. If sexual promiscuity is a -30 points we can overcome it by moving in +60 points of living in holiness and integrity.

The key is not about tolerating what is wrong but like Jesus saying I tolerate this because God allowed this. Then after winning back the authority after death, He said “All authority in Heaven and on earth has been given me, so demons shoooo!!!”

If you are a nurse that have experienced injustice and quietly trusted God and not spoken curses against the hospital or emoloyer for 10 salary (3 months), you have already gained that spiritual authority! Please declare the Egyptian authorities over your profession null and void.

In the old covenant, sin infects holiness. In the new covenant through Jesus, sin infects but holiness more powerfully infects sin! The is the glory Elite Kingdom Forces of God! Partner with me as we break the gods in our nation’s profession!


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