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How to Clean your Life

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How to Clean your Life

Have you experienced trying to clean house and after a little stroll, to come back finding it dirty again?

If you do, you can be one of millions of moms around the world without a help and cleaning up after their kids. In this case, kids are a good problem. They are a “good” mess to have around.

But it is not your friends or your kids although they do. Its unclean spirits riding in your life, messing up good things. You understand its them by the unusual coincidences and emotional turmoil.

What are you gonna do about it?

As a lady, experience that all the men take advantage at you? In fact there are lots of good men out there but all the men you interact have a fun time motivated to take advantage and do you harm. Just coincidence?

Do you feel that you have problems: stopping video games, drugs, smoking, drinking, porn, immoral relationships and the strip club, but just couldn’t stop? Then you find out these things happen at similar times of the day, of the week, or all at the same year regularly.

Sometimes when you check uncles and relatives, you find patterns of giving in to vices and it feels like it is “hereditary” only that it is not diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure. You know its there.

If you said yes to the above, read along.

Asking “So What if there’s Sin?”

Sin as taught by churches are mostly impractical and irrelevant to our lives. This is because most church people don’t stop to think the obvious question: “so what if there’s sin”. Asking “so what” helps us to be motivated to stop, we (I mean people outside church) don’t care if it is written in the bible or not, the truth is we are eager to have freedom.

Levels of Sin.

If we sin, it is wrong and there are minor consequences. When sin becomes habitual, we know its wrong and unconsciously, we humans need reasons to defend it, to keep doing it. This reasoning about why we need beer, smoking and over working instead of spending time with our families is what we call iniquity.

Iniquity gets passed down up to 10 generations down the line. Take drinking for example. If you drink beer 1 or 2 times, it wont be a problem. If you’ve drank for a month, you can still stop. If you were drinking for 30 years consistently, you are stuck. And if all 20 of your immediate ancestors were all stuck in drinking for 30 years each, including your dead granfathers, you are doomed!

This applies to workaholics, sweetaholics, prostitutes, satanists, muderers, rapists, pornographers, smokers, food addicts, abusers, actively violent people, gender confused people and videogame addicts.

This also applies to good stuff. We have disciplined athletes, families of military background, families of doctors, families of lawyers, families of successful businessmen, families of painters, families of priests and pastors, families that value helping the poor, families of intercessors, families of ambassadors, teachers, statesmen, shoemakers, tinsmiths, chefs, singers, musicians, scientists and bankers. Because of 30 years of doing the right action, they are a slave to doing right it is hard to stop. These families have a habit of choosing the same proffessions such that descendants have a hard time breaking family expectations and pressure.

Getting Dirty

Getting dirty involves 3 things. In spiritual terms or inner healing, there are 3 things that gets defiled when there is sin or iniquity. The (1) person or persons involved gets dirty, (2) the land where sin was committed gets dirty and (3) yours and your descendant’s time (day, season, year) gets dirty.

So what if I’m dirty

Dirt isn’t just dirt. Dirt attracts evil entities.

It’s like a dead animal in the forest. If an animal is healthy, they resist when ants and flies come. When it is clean, zero flies gets attracted. When it’s wounded and part of its body has a sore wound, it attracts all kinds of bad things. Examples are predators: wolves and tigers, vultures and birds, decomposers: maggots and flies.

When a person’s time is dirty, they are slaves to the habit good or bad. There is less power in the individual to break the bondage. What most churches do is control people to have goodhabits without giving them what people really need: freedom and responsibility. A person in bondage to alcohol will not change because heor she reads the bible. The person will change if he cleans up the trio: cleans his life (applying Jesus’ cross as Alcohol), clean the time (bandages the wound), and cleans the land (removes the oppurtunity for the deed – location. Some people reconciled with God, removed the repetitive action (time) but has not cleaned the place, so he gets back into bondage. There are 3 ingrdients to be enslaved to sin: energy/motion tobe solved by Jesus’ death on the cross, time – the habit happens on a specific time and space/location – where the person does the sin.

Prayer to Cleanse Time

Here is a sample prayer how to cleanse time. You can edit it then read it aloud everymorning until all days of the year are clean from habits.

1. I cleanse this day on every branch and ancestor in my family line in Guintos and Jaranilla, in Flor, Lubrico and Bantilan. I cleanse this day on my bloodline including those related by marriage from sin, from rebellion, from iniquity, from all bad covenants and from all trauma bonds by the blood of Jesus.

2. I bless this day on all the years before it from my grandfather Adam to now. I release God’s intended blessings for this day and for this week on me,

And while on it, why not release blessings for your family, relatives and friends.

Family, Relatives and Friends

I cleanse time on this day in the past and release todays blessings for my family for Dad, Mom, my siblings . . .

And it wont be a bad idea to bless your employees

3. Employees and Clients
I cleanse time on this day in the past and release todays blessings for Aunt Louella . . .

If you learned from this article please start a good habit of blessing yourself and your family and friends. Please share this to your loved ones.


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