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How to Stop Feeling Depressed on Christmas

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How to Stop Feeling Depressed on Christmas

I was studying about the Bible’s take on emotions of joy and sadness when I chance upon my cousin Joan. Our discussion covered Christian holidays and eventually . . . Christmas.

Our talked dragged on. She told me that she stopped celebrating Christmas 4 years ago. Not celebrating Christmas is a tricky thing. [more] There are two ways you could look: you can be a mystical person holding a “Be saved. Rapture is near.” sign or you could be borderline totally insane. Everyone should love Christmas. In order to not celebrate Christmas, you need to have strong personal beliefs and reasons why you do it. Else people will brand you as the grinch.

In short, why do she not celebrate Christmas?

So before I answer this questions, let me give you 12 things to feel bad about on Christmas.

  1. The pressure to buy gifts you don’t want to buy to give to people because you have to give them gifts.
  2. From Jan Jeff: The extra lbs/kgs that you will gain – pero masaya naman i burn lang ulit through exercise 🙂
  3. The pictures of your friends that look happy on social media while you haven’t reconciled with your with your family for a decade. Plus the stress because you feel the need to reconcile.
  4. The office skipped you for the nth time on your promotion while the new hire gets a raise after a few months
  5. From my cousin: Maxing out your credit cards. And very excited to start the next year with huge debt!
  6. The reality that you are still single (that’s me) and you don’t have someone to kiss for Christmas and New Year.
  7. Your neighbor or peers took a vacation this year that you really want and you work harder than. . . .
  8. You can’t afford the gadgets and doodads you want to give yourself this year.
  9. Someone had an accident, died or business was bad for you this year. Or you are not with someone you love. 😦
  10. Your company didn’t give you as much bonus pay than you expected.

11. Still missing

12. Still missing

Maybe you could add what will make you feel bad this coming Christmas!

Please note that these things are the same things you feel bad at any part of the year. The gigantic reason it feels worse is that you, yes you, have the expectation that great things should happen.

In short, you have expectations that it should be better. Only because it’s Christmas. (Valid reason why)

Now your perfectly powerful brain figures out how to make your expectations real 24-7. Without rest.

I shared with my cousin Joan that every Christmas I feel deppressed and lonely. Especially that my birthday is on the first week of January and I have not yet accomplished the greatness I wanted since I was a kid. 😦

She said I am not alone. She feels the same way. Countless others like me are out there pushing to look happier than we actually are, give things we dont want to give and be nice to everyone. That’s not bad.

The sad thing was I thought I was the only one experiencing this. Like me, many people are not aware they are feeling deppressed.

So what are the 3 reasons people feel bad on Christmas? I already mentioned the first one.

  1. Expectations
  2. Lack of awareness
  3. Negative Traditional Baggage

The 3 Reasons why Christmas can Feel Bad

1. Expectations.

It is not the devil that causes the negative emotions. It is our expectations about it to be what it is not.

So how you you resolve this?

You tell yourself I want my Christmas to be. . . . and I am ok that it is not.

2. Lack of Awareness

The first step is to slow down. The second part is to see your emotions pull you around. Ouch please stop it envy! Stop it.

Being dragged around by your evil overlord emotions is a nasty thing. Especially if you don’t know it so start watching your emotions.

The third is something deeper and spiritual.

3. Negative Traditional Baggage

Much of the world has been taught that Christmas marks the birth of the savior, Jesus Christ. A long time ago people celebrated Christmas and Halloween very differently. The two most notable pagan winter holidays were Germanic Yule and Roman Saturnalia. When Emperor Theodosius decreed the empire wide celebration of Christ’s birth, he was trying to silence the tradition of Barbaric tribes winter solstice festivals. The result is Christmas with a lot of pine trees wreath and holly.

Halloween traditions originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals like the Gaelic Samhain. It was Christianized as Halloween by the early Church.

What’s wrong with these pagan roots of Christmas?


Nothing except that for hundreds of years there is defilement of sin. Centuries of blood sacrifice and sexual perversion can have a strong influence on current time.

I’m not saying Christmas is pagan. Im just saying that although Jesus blood has definitely paid for the defilement of sin on the timeline, it continues to affect everyone on the winter solstice.

Take for example a child who was kidnapped and raised by a cruel man who hurt the child every Friday night. Then, after 2 years the child was rescued by police and returned to his real parents. Would you say that the child can sleep soundly when strangely he experiences stress and deep breaths at exactly the same time as Friday night?

A counselor can reprogram the child’s thoughts to release the negative memory on his timeline but only through deliberate psychiatric help.

If you are feeling deppressed this Christmas. Break free from the chains. Reflect on your emotions and change your expectations. Think about this: a gift given on Christmas eve is half as amazing as the same gift given at a random date. Worse if the person received a spectacular gift last year, he or she would feel disappointed no matter what you gave.

I could remember throwing tantrums always either before, on or after Christmas day. It might be my Spanish roots (Celtic? I don’t really know. I still feel sad on Christmas. I was not aware of this before. Now, I can do something about it.


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