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12 Steps in Manifesting your Ideal Reality Part 01

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12 Steps in Manifesting your Ideal Reality Part 01

I am embarking on a new journey. I believe that the architecture of my mind is not enough to take me where I want to go. I would have to change.

Change is hard. I have to be the improved version of me. This is such a cliché because everyone uses the term. But it fits perfectly with what I am trying to convey. I struggle with my environment. I struggle with my software. I struggle with the program of me.


The goodness of my person is fine. The core of me as a person is beautiful and powerful. It is the invisible program that I find challenging. It is what Joe Dispenza describes when he writes the book: “Break the Habit of Being Yourself”. It’s not the me I struggle with. It is the “Habits of Me”.

What are these habits? Basically, it is my upbringing and partly my personality.

I was raised up Christian. My mom grew up Bible Baptist and my Dad Evangelical. I feel trapped in using the Bible for all the wrong reasons.

I grow up Filipino. This culture is 40 percent collectivist – which undervalues individualism but not as bad as China and Korea. It is 40 percent Western Culture (American and Spanish) which encourages individualism. Western culture encourages human rights doing your own thing. Last, there’s 20% influence of Indian which is an “traditional individualist”. It values individuals and family over time and tasks. Talk about being late. 😀

I find myself in INTJ Myers Briggs. This temperament would be nice as an upper level management. This personality doesn’t “flow” doing repetitive tasks and handling people. I find it hard to stop analyzing and thinking.

Warning: The above descriptions are general images and should not be applied to everything Christian, everything Filipino and everything INTJ. I am sharing this because this is my reality.

Creating other World Realities of our Dreams
Creating other World Realities of our Dreams

I am now working on these factors. Your personality and your “mental structure” might be different. And as long as your life flows seamlessly, all this Change wont be necessary. The reason why you are even reading this articles means something is not working” this video.

I began journeying in this manifesting in 2020. This morning, I worked on Regan Hillyer video. I pray this would expand the experience of being you.

This is part 01 of 02. The Next Video continues in the next article. 12 Steps in Manifesting your Ideal Reality Part 02


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