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Celebrating good times in Victory Dubai Valentines 2008

A Retrospect: Celebrating Christian Valentine in Dubai 2008

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Celebrating Christian Valentine in Dubai 2008

Arjel, Larry and me prepping
Arjel, Larry and me prepping for Valentines

I have Dubai at the title of my blog and I haven’t posted about this city for a while. While looking at my old pictures. I remenisced about old times.

This was a little Valentines Celebration in Bar Dubai at a flat of our friend. I tried to make some salad with purple cabbage. It looks colorful at the table.With a group of hunks and fun loving girls, we enjoyed the night together, thanks to Arjel, Larrie, Richel, Mark and . . . can’t remember who else was here.

No one could cook better than Karen. We also brought in some foreign friends, Gill and Silvester. I was thankful Susan came along.

We were part of the kids Churh in Dubai. Thank you for a great time.

With cards and roses on hand, we gave ourselves wholesome Christian fun. Here’s the card, 3 stanza that came with the rose. I’m sorry I can’t find a good sized layout of the original. Its coming off blurry. Good thing I save all my poems.

The Sudden Saturday
by Ian Bantilan
(Valentine’s Week at Kid’s Church Dubai)

Blessed are these great young women
Single, married or already taken
I give my heart for all like these. . .
My Valentine and Love and Peace.

A sudden sweetness hangs on my lips,
As I guide little ones this Saturday Morning
May you hold them close and tenderly keep
The little ones and those who’s teaching. 🙂

I keep for the n a great admiration
Thier simple hearts and firm devotion
They have not seen what potential lay
These kinder, yet with full urgency pay.

Blessed are these young women
Single married or already taken
I give my heart for all like these,
My Valentine and Love and Peace.


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