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How China Plans to Dominate the World

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Chinese President Xi Jin Ping orders global Proganda War

How China Plans to Dominate the World

Good Morning.

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This video is a shortened documentary about Chinese Company ByteDance, the owner of Tiktok is using this App to gain control over states governments and nations.

The online platform of the internet has been a relatively new media in the 80s. Like the computer, most people brush it off like a fad. A few decades later, the whole industry has shifted such that 60% of businesses make their money online or 94% of business cannot make money when you take away the use of the internet.

The Chinese communist state has its own goal as a people. They have their own aspirations and dreams. Part of the states dream is for a strong and powerful China. It has tried many ways to implement this, through force supporting guerrillas in South America and South Asia. Lately, it has stumbled on the technology for hacking attention.

The advent of the 2010 saw the rise of apps. These started as software installed in desktops. With increasing phone usability, this extended to phones. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Tech giants like Microsoft became the big players. That is, until the rise of Facebook.

In 2022, everyone in the world uses Facebook. Of course, discounting tribes in Africa, Some Ethnic minorities, Facebook is a global connector. Lately, Facebook has created algorithms to monitor people’s preferences and essentially, their mind.

It is not alone. Google and

Enter Tiktok.

With an App that was originally created in China, the App has grown its technology in using Artificial Intelligence to predict the users actions. It rewards users to do what it wants and punishes users “emotionally” for not doing behavior that is not aligned to its goals. Most of advertisers in the US have done this for years but not with the capability that an App has.

In 2011, China has passed laws forcing companies to share private information it gathers with the Chinese State. The Chinese State has been trying to hack American Companies and institution for years and now users only need to check one button to agree to give all your information for targetting for Chinese Companies and the whole Chinese State.

Watch this video for more information.

Ultimately the choice is always with the users, but there are easier chioces and extremely hard difficult choices. A non-addict can always say no to drugs but a regular user? How clear is your mind to say no?

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