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How Bongbong Marcos Overcame his TV Handicap in the 2022 Philippine Presidential Elections

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Bongbong Marcos praying for an overwhelming win and strategy

How Bongbong Marcos Overcame his TV Handicap in the 2022 Philippine Presidential Elections

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” mentioned Spanish philosopher George Santayana.

The Game of Life is like the game of chess. If you do not watch out, you may find yourself in the same recurring situation but a totally different outcome.

As a Leni Supporter, that’s what I painfully found out. But as a student of good marketing, I don’t take things personally now; unlike in my younger ways.

I got my Marketing Confirmation when I saw this video.

The King, the Queen, The Rook, The Queen

I say that the video content looks attention catching. But if the video is awesome, how much more the execution of the strategy.

I understand that Pres Marcos did a lot of bad things, but for a moment I want to focus on strategy. I remember the losing Greeks vs the Trojans. With a slight of hand and good execution, anyone could win the war.

The given. Bongbong Marcos happened to have bad pedegree. Whatever Bongbong will say in the debate wont matter. There are too many hurt people, kidnapped, slain that whatever he says wont matter. I am not saying that he can change, the point is that he will be judged before he speaks.

The tactics come from the strategy. His tactic: never attend the debates. In theory, a wounded animal would invite the pack of wolves. It wouldn’t be a fair fight no matter what his stature is.

If you, a normal person, were to go inside the ring with a sumo wrestler even for one round, you wouldn’t go right? But what if, you could check the rules and that wrestler should lose weight to your size. Then you would have a fighting chance.

Too much of talk. Here is the video.

Wins are not guaranteed in life. We have to go with open minds to learn our lesson every day, every year, every decade.

himself will change his

choices. A non-addict can always say no to drugs but a regular user? How clear is your mind to say no?

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