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How China Plans to Dominate the World

Chinese President Xi Jin Ping orders global Proganda War

How China Plans to Dominate the World

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How a Little Love Heals

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How a Little Love Heals

How a Little Love Heals

How a Little Love Heals

I read somewhere from a friend that “Those that are hardest to Love are the Ones that need it the most.

Growing up, I’ve always felt love is cheezy. It still sounds that way. But it is amazing to see how a little love can make a change. If a little love can bring change how about a bigger dose of love? It sure can bring a greater change. Continue reading

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Personality Profiling for Work Productivity

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Methods of Personality Profiling for Work Productivity

A Comparison: Strengthfinder, Myers-Briggs, DISC Profiles and Enneagram

personalities and uniqueness

personalities and uniqueness

When I was in high school, discussions about personality revolved around the four temperaments, the sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. Due to my interest in psychology, if I didn’t become architect, I would have probably taken psychology.

During the same time, I came across the Enneagram. How interesting can it be as it can predict what a fully developed personality would progress into? And at the same time, how a peresonality at its worse can degress to a different type.

Nowadays, the study of personality has taken in a strong motivation and purpose: work productivity. I have rediscovered newer personality classification in Church Leadership in Victory Christian Fellowship, Networking Circles and through OCCI Coaching Programs.


Enneagram Personality Profiles

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Why are so many joining FLEX, ALC and LEAP?

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai
There have been many programs that I have experienced before, some of them are very helpful and some just encouraging. What makes OCCI any different?

I believe it is the way that the community handles life as a whole. What I like is the atmosphere of acceptance and growth that allows you to reflect on your life. At the same time it is the level of honesty and caring bluntness of giving you the truth. Ultimately with your individual style they figure a way and show you how your life works.

First of all, how did I get to hear about this program/OCCI?

My story.
I was a leader in one of the churches here in the Visayas. And like those many divine appointments, I happen to lunch an older gentleman from my bible study group. What started as a dinner became friendship. Soon we were discussing life. Now, at that point I was feeling confused and unhappy in my relationships. I knew I needed change. As I asked him for advice, he listened. And lovingly, he was just there. He even helped me in my goals of meeting new ladies in the party district of the city. I was that desperate to change this part of my life. After many times of failing miserably, he told me, “Ian I know a program that can really help you.” That’s when he shared about OCCI.

OCCI Center for Learning
“A world that Works with No One Left Out”

OCCI stands for Organizational Change Consultants International Inc. It is a leading change consultancy specializing in paradigm shift interventions. The goal of OCCI is to “transform organizations and communities by transforming individuals.”

After my visit to their main office at Emerald Building in Ortigas, I didn’t find the info I was looking for. What I knew is that I didn’t want to hear positive thinking and encouraging seminars that make you feel good but let you come back unarmed to the same life challenges.

If you let them, they take you by the hand, stoop down to listen to know where you are and guide you lovingly to know where you want to go. And that’s not all.

*Please ask us. We want to help you.
Smart 09077240452 or Globe 09173231595.

FLEX - Living your Passion, Fulfill your Purpose

FLEX – Living your Passion, Fulfill your

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Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage, A Christian Perspective

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The USA Decision on Gay Marriage, a Christian Perspective

Attending a Workshop in the last weekend, I came to face the emotional side of me. I would have been better but I am bothered that some people that are leading and sharing are guys who prefer guys. There is a concern that there maybe a transference of spirit but I am glad that instead of paranoia, I chose to understand. While spirit transfer is real, Jesus chose to be open and related with everyone.

Being a person who looks intelligent and speaks thoughtfully. A lot of people has asked if I am indeed gay. And this comes from the perception that I am not your typical macho in a Filipino judging society. Add to this the homophobia in the culture and the radical conservative judgement of the Christian and Catholic History of our nation. The key spirit in homosexuality is rejection. It is the exalted spirit who sits high enough it is hard to take down. I hate it when people doubt me but I have come to be secure in the Grace has given me. But coming from a place of understanding, I don’t have to prove that I am not.

Approved Gay Marriage - US Courts

Approved Gay Marriage – US Courts

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