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History of the United Architects of the Philippines

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History of the United Architects of the Philippines

During the Spanish era there were no schools of Architecture in the Philippines. The first Filipino recorded architect was Felix Roxas y Arroyo, born circa 1820 in Manila, studied in Spain and stayed for many years in England and France. Previous to this, a Filipino could aspire to erect an architectural structure through the help of a Maestro de Obras or master builder. The first formal school for master builders was opened only during the last decade of the 19th century. On 14 September 1902, many of the graduates of this school joined the civil engineers and surveyors in the country and founded the first professional organization of architects and allied professionals–the Academia de Arquitectura y Aguimensura de Filipinos (AAAF). It maintained direct consultation with the American Institute of Architects (AIA). A year after, its name was changed to Academia de Inginieria, Arquitectura y Agrimensura de Filipinas (AIAAF). In 1904 it founded the first school of Architecture in the Philippines, the Escuela de Ingenieria y Arquitectura, which offered five-year courses in Architecture and Civil Engineering.

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Basic Colored Pencils for Architecture Rendering

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Basic Colored Pencils for Architecture Rendering
by Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Brands.

One of the popular mediums in rendering is the colored pencils. It’s direct link to the graphite “pencil” is the reason for its popularity. Once you become acquainted with the pencil, it isn’t hard to learn Colored Pencil.

The next decision is selecting the brand for colored pencil. I have visited local stores and I believe that the same brands still reign today.

Here are some brands for colored pencil:






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Organization Development Professional: The Startup Phase

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The Organization Development Professional Startup
Masters in Business Administration – Philippines

How does the Organization Professional start his work in an organization.

Here is my report for my MBA (Masters in Business Administration) Class in the University of Saint La Salle in the Philippines.

While other amateur consultants get to show of what they know by enumerating their knowledge, it helps to follow protocol in doing your consultancy work. This is where the  8 phases of Organization Development Consultancy comes in.

8 Phases of Developmental Change in any Organization

8 Phases of Developmental Change in any Organization

In brief, let’s review the 8 Phases of Developmental Change in any Organization: Continue reading


State of the WordPress Bloggers Address March 2013

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State of the WordPress Bloggers Address March 2013

It has been 3 years since I started this blog and lots of tears and sweat has fallen, countless nights of watching statistics and analyzing data and statistics. All of these have been our bread and butter; – constantly tweaking our machine to give the best results for our few posts and articles. Welcome to, this is the home to the best bloggers all over the world! That includes you (if you blog here.) Blogs Logo 2013 Blogs Logo 2013

Every month, about 287 million people reading about 2.5 billion pages in blogs. This blog, is my personal blog. isn’t just available in English, it empowers bloggers to write in their own language – all 120 different languages. But English is the native language of two-thirds of all written articles. Trailing English are Spanish and Portuguese sites.

WordPress is the top choice for bloggers, this includes non-English bloggers. The articles are written in more than 120 languages. Here is a breakdown of the top 10 languages:

1st English 66%
2nd Spanish 8.7%
3rd Portuguese 6.5%
4th Indonesian 3.5%
5th Italian 2%
6th German 1.8%
7th French 1.4%
8th Russian 1.1%
9th Vietnamese 1.1%
10th Swedish 1.0%

Below is my screencapture (Archian here) of Alexa Statistics in March 27, 2013. It shows the World Statistics of in different countries. My anaylysis brings me to the question: if English is the main language of wordpress users, why doesn’t wordpress come up as the top websites in the Top English Speaking countries?

Wordpress Statistics March 2013

WordPress Statistics March 2013

From the graph above, it shows that Romania and Indonesia are countries with the highest rating for wordpress. More percentage of the population use than any other nation on earth. This is followed by the Philippines in third and India at fourth.

You may find it interesting to find that is ranked at 20th in the UK, 21st in Canada, Australia in 22nd and 27th in the US. One way I could explain this is the distributed focus of those countries. Their advanced economies are driven to more important concerns while the third world economies, the Philippines and India are getting the article making, blogging and research to drive traffic and earnings for those companies.

It is also noteworthy to see that Romanian’s population blog more than any other population. They may also be doing the blogging more directly than than their European, American and Australian counterparts. I am surprised to learn that Indonesia spend more time in wordpress than the Philippines, knowing the Filipino’s love of books and learning.

Wordpress Blogging Software 2013

WordPress Blogging Software 2013

One thing to understand is that each country is segregated, not by the number of bloggers from that country but the percentage of active bloggers in in comparison to other countries. This means that for India’s 11th standing for wordpress as the most utilized website, could have millions of bloggers knowing their 1.2 Billion population. And if we take out the Filipino Bloggers from the 65% English bloggers, could they “outblog” the 3.5% Indonesian bloggers? Just thinking. . .

How about you? How do you read the above statistics?


Metrobank Architecture Competition 2013 – The Winner Entry that was Lost

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Metrobank Architecture Competition 2013 – The Winner who Lost

To see the design proposal for the modern bamboo house visit Bakod Bubong Balat Architecture DesignMetrobank Architecture Competition 2012 Winner - Modern Filipino Bamboo House

MADE Architecture – Modern Bamboo Design House – Architecture Competition Entry


Dried from Exhaustion
Lost in the Translation
Confused in the Submission
Expectant in completion
___That was who I am


One came a call
While I was in the Mall
Another meeting, o darn
To Manila I will return


Spent from Exertion
The Joy of Triumph
The Pain of Defeat
The taste was all mine.


They say, they pay the fare
I, the rest, my dear,
But sad another couple absence,
I am a Professor, you see.


So, I’m off to the Airport and fly
To rent a Hotel for a Night
But sleepless, restless, mindless I tread,

To the Death,
To Obscurity
To Oblivion
To the Mercy

the Mercy of the (MADE) Metrobank Committee. Continue reading

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Metrobank Architecture Competition 2013 – The Winner Entry that was Lost 2

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Metrobank Architecture Competition 2013 – The Winner who Lost

Part 2 of 2. Read the First Part “Metrobank Architecture Competition 2012 part 1”

To see the design proposal for the modern bamboo house visit Bakod Bubong Balat Architecture Design

Metrobank Architecture Competition 2012 Winner - Art and Design Excellence, Modern Filipino Bamboo House, Bamboo Residence


For we shouldn’t place our hope in Man
Whose minds may change like shifting sands
They are mortal, undependable
Their thoughts and minds are unstable


Congratulations, Celebration, Joy and Grief,
The Judge Announce, O what deceit!
Hollow words echo across the Halls
While I run down through the walls

(click to see the MADE Architecture Winner Award Letter)


A wriggly man to me, approach
We’re glad you Won but take these Notes
We plead with you, be silent Please
Until we (Metrobank Foundation) launch our Press Release


So, I’m off to my Hotel, to pack my Bags
Walking like a Zombie, my Mind’s like a Rag
But Sleepless, Restless, Mindless I Pack,

To the Death,
To Obscurity
To Oblivion
To the Mercy

the Mercy of the (MADE) Metrobank (Foundation) Jury.


Two weeks past, this call I catch
From the Validating Team
And, awaiting them I glance my Watch
Waiting for Eternity it Seems.


The team arrives, and Headway dives
Into files and every Crook and Cranny
Collecting Info, Person, Place and Time
to Clear some doubt if there is any. Continue reading

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Gale Orlean Jarlego: Marine Ecological Research Center

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The Marine Ecological Research Center in the Municipality of Pulupandan, Philippines

La Consolacion College – Architecture Thesis 2013

Proponent: Gale Orlean Jarlego

Architecture Thesis 2013

Project: Marine Ecological Research Center

School: La Consolacion College – Bacolod City

School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design

Thesis Description:

MERC is a self-contained scientific village on stilts. This project aims to develop scientific awareness among people where they can explore the areas of science.

Upon entering, a lodge will be established 4 d accommodation & support of the people conducting rsearch, education & Environmental stewardship Projects. This will b connected to another tourism facility, the discovery building, a museum with an extensive reference collection of marine organisms. The focal point of the development will be the MERC Main Building which will be given more emphasis by the Discovery Pond, an area which will promote interactivity between nature and the visitors. Another feature that will serve both as a recreational & learning area will be the dive facility. It will be on the same edifice as the Dolphin and Bird Watching Tower. Beside it will be the Avian Sanctuary, a holding facility for tourism, research and rehabilitation of avian forms.