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Soul Searching for Gift Giving

December is a time of giftgiving; a time to slow down and listen to what you feel. There are a lot of distractions. There are a lot of reasons.

Who you feel indebted to,
Who you feel guilt not giving to,
Who gave you gift last year
Who you hurt this year,
Who you have to to give to
Who you owe money to
Who your boss or your superior is
Who you plan to ask favors from
Who you got an love interest for,
Who you feel could give back to you,

It was once mentioned that a gift loses value when it is given out of ulterior motives  p

Who you feel loved by
Who you are thankful for
Who you want to bless
Who you want to tell you care
Who you want to build a closer friendship
Who you want to overflow to

Ultimately you are not infinite and can only choose why you give and who. 🙂


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Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

Most of my life it feels is about measuring up and being ahead of everyone else. The problem isn’t that I’m not brilliant but that its hard to be the most promising entrepreneur, the budding architect-designer and the successful man-in-relationship.

I just heard from a podcast that life just happens. Our best laid plans fire away. It is easy to be tough on yourself and beat yourself up for not succeeding this time.

As I take this long walk home at 12:30am, I discover that there is so much love along the way. This new home away from home. I have cared about things and achievements for far too long. I’ve passed this site where once stood a very frustrated, angry and lost man. I saw my first day of work and all the insecurities of trying to look good and manipulating people; the fear of missing out in my life. And the elusive “red haired girl” (the mythical bond queen in Caucasian circles). Hehehe. I could just laugh at how unfair I’ve been trying to put the highest standard when I was just simply, afraid.

Tonight as I pass this once mud and steel bones, now structures of pretty glass and teeming with landscape, I remember there was so much love all along: friends, funy memories and a thousand laughs. I was just busy.


Too busy to smell the flowers and feel the wind. To laugh with friends abd to love them. To cherish my workmates, victory group, crushes. ❤. And just be there! Experience fulness of life.

I was crazy trying to be someone so other people could accept me more. 🙂 I have to be blind that only I am missing that I am overflowing. Feeling empty looking for myself out there with something to fill the void. Blind to see that I was full all along. Take time to smell the flowers. . .

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How to Catch Myself in Approval Seeking and Validation

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

How to Catch Myself in Approval Seeking and Validation

A few weeks ago, I went out for some personal evaluation as the year 2017 comes to an end. After a few notes, I am suddenly aware that most of my effort is to maintain approval, seek validation of a group of people I’m not even close to. I was seeking validation.

our toughest critics

our toughest critics

What Obsessive Approval Seeking is like? Continue reading

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A Year of Courage: OCCI LEAP 69

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

A Year of Courage

Today I turn one year on my Second Enlightenment experience.

My first was when someone cared enough to share about Jesus, and I accepted him as my Savior and Lord. From that time, my life never became the same. The Second one happened last year. It was a colorful experience of learning how to laugh, to feel and to really love. Before it, I was simply thinking to laugh, thinking to feel, thinking to love.

The Enlightenment Journey - OCCI LEAP

The Enlightenment Journey – OCCI LEAP

This morning, my journey brings me to seek more courage. After taking my morning 60x of pushups, I reflected that this habit is not getting to be burden and I can move to my next habit project. Continue reading

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Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

One day, while I was riding the public transport, I happen to sit beside this beautiful blond 3 year old sitting on the lap of her nanny. I saw that all the passengers were charmed by her cuteness and I too fell in love. How can an English speaking toddler not find her way into your heart. Two young ladies took an special interest in the girl and kept here entertained on the journey. Nevertheless, the kid tries her best to break free off her nanny; squiggling and squirming her way to drop out of hands and lap’s way.

(Of course i didnt snap a picture bka isipin may balak ako mangkidnap approximate look of that nanny little girl kaina – if theres such a thing)

I remember as a child, I was especially restless. No nanny could stop the Mighty Ian. If you rule that I sit, I would stand. If you ask me to be quiet, I would shout. Not even a spanking would stop me.

As we grow old, we get broken. Broken by school, by culture, sometimes by church to try to “conform”. Movies and Mass media will celebrate people who are disruptive – of the economy, or in relationships – rough poor kid wins the classy girl. But in real life, authorities frown at mavericks and gamechangers. They make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Seeing this kid try her best, helped me to remember that life is a struggle. That we are free to live differently. It is refreshing to sit beside a gorgeous 3 year old  in a jeepney trying to push the limits of her world.

How bout you? Are you pushing the boundaries of your life?

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What Would I Do if you’d be given P100M (2M USD)?

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

What Would I Do if you’d be given P100M (2M USD)?


After a talk with my boss, I am off to the center to have our regular Group Meetings. I just came in time to answer a million dollar question. In fact 2 Million Dollars! The question was “What would you do if you’d be given P100M?”

Greed, money corrupts easily

Greed, money corrupts easily

I answered that 100M could be deadly. It could destroy you. Only a fear of God and key relationships could keep you in check. There’s just too much turbulence when you get to that altitude and that a fall is certain for majority of us. Come to think of it, as great as it is, this is the first time money this huge is suddenly thrust upon us.

After a long pause I give my answer.

For one, many people would have their answers and depending on your opinion they could say this one is better . . . So I thought what do I really want?

I answered “I would like to take the first 2 weeks on a solo journey of reflection.”

Solo traveler self-reflection

Solo traveler self-reflection

Then I’d come back to spend time with my family. Then I’d show them my plans to buy land in three islands:
1. Palawan (1500sq.m. along beachfront ) P8M for land and 12M for a Room rental Property.

Palawan Beachfront Resort Design Architecture Construction

Palawan Beachfront Resort Design Architecture Construction

Tropical Island Pool Area Resort Design

Tropical Island Pool Area Resort Design

Tropical Island Resort in Palawan

Tropical Island Resort in Palawan

2. Bohol (1 Hectare along river way) P10M for Land and 15M.

Cheap Bohol River Rental Houses and Rooms - design Architecture

Cheap Bohol River Rental Houses and Rooms – design Architecture


Treehouse Design Bohol - Architect Lodge Vacation Rental

Treehouse Design Bohol – Architect Lodge Vacation Rental

3. Guimaras (1 Hectare along elevated hill with view to the sea or on clifts shoreline) P12M for Land and 20M

Tropical Purple Houses in Guimaras Island - Design Architect
Vacation Stilt Houses in Guimaras - Philippines Beach Design

Vacation Stilt Houses in Guimaras – Philippines Beach Design

Well, I guess the rest would be used for paying employees for reception and butlers etc. 🙂

I still think the question was not written on the Group discussion material. But for a few moments I started to dream. How would life feel like if I were limitless? What dreams would I pursue. The truth is, I have one life to live. And these dreams are not far from impossible. Do you know that God has given you everything you need so you can succeed? Take note of that feeling when you dream because you will need to remember that when challenging times come to test your character.

And so the rest of the group answered. One wanted to buy stocks, another wanted 4 chicks and a mansion, another will buy nuclear warheads and target the ISIS. Still another said he would buy roses and share world peace for all mankind.

Ikaw, how would you spend if you were given that money?

And what dreams are you throwing away? Is it possible that you’d for once start believing its possible?

Because it is!

If you have plans to build a Resort, a Rental House, why don’t you ask for it? If you have land waiting to be developed? Next step is to find a partner a designer or architect that will translate these dreams to reality. For more information, contact Arch Ian Jay Bantilan.

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Aerial View of Iloilo Commercial Business District

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Aerial View of Iloilo Commercial Business District

The city of Iloilo grows very fast. Shes like a little you girl you know and now shes grown to be a woman.

Three years ago, this area was open grass and trees. Paseo grew bars and shops, Iloilo Business Hub had only Richmonde Hotel and lots of publicity on an uncompleted Iloilo Convention Center. Adjacent is Smallvile the bustling night experience of the City.

New developments are being added on both sides of Diversion road, the main street artery of Iloilo. On the Jaro side is the Gaisano Development. In front of it the twin night centers Smallville and the newer Atria by Ayala breathed new life by the Ayala Building. Both these commercial hubs live on the edge of the Esplanade garden strip on the Iloilo River.

Above are the contours of future commercial developments on a growing Megaword Iloilo Business Park.