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The Super Villains of Ourselves

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sThe Super Villains of Ourselves

Imagine yourself as Superman, unstoppable, a son of Jor-el. Your dad, the brightest scientist in Krypton encased you in an alien ship and in part 1 you grew up to be powerful.

Then in part 2, 3 Kryptonians broke free from their prison and come to planet earth. They decide that their goal is to find the most painful ways to torture you and give you a hard time.

For many of us this is a real story except that in real life, the 3 super villains are invisible.

Superman Man of Steel

Superman Man of Steel

Enter the Game of Life
“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?” Isaiah 58:6

I thought this passage was really for slave owners and cruel bosses. It still is but after 200 years of human rights and labor laws, there are very few slaves, count with them child abuse, battered women and abused helpers in the middle east. The abuses today are minute compared to the slaves eaten by lions and burn alive in the old days.

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2018: Courage to Dare, a Self Prophecy

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2018: Courage to Dare, a Self Prophecy

As I write this journal of today, I feel a new excitement that grips me. There is  a warmth and thrill of facing the coming new year. Intentions are powerful as they convey the meaning of our purpose. Here are the things I am eager about.

On January of 2018,

I see myself a better brother to Jerry.
I am going to love my sister a little bit more.
I am going to love friends differently.

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Today I meet a legend.

I usually save 15% of salary. That is here in the Philippines. That goes negative from December to January. When IU worked aborad I reached 45%.

I have never met anyone except for some Chinese friends who are really extreme. But tonight, I was surprised to find someone who save so much. And I thought I was already thrifty.

Some spoilers:
She’s single.
She walks home.
She has provincial allowance (Manila hired to work here)
And she has a considerable amount in stocks.
But I have never seen her in fancy clothes.
Very low profile indeed!

1. Anything is possible. It is common that budget adjust with salary. It doesn’t have to.
2. We have to live in our own reality. You-me-different.
3. It’s important to know what you want and attack it with passion. No one will force you to do what you don’t want.

Now, I’m asking, how much are you saving monthly? (as a percentage of your income)

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Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

There are 3 pitfalls where most men fall: Power, Money, and Women.

The same goes for countries, except for women.

Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase

Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson nearly doubled the size of the nation with the Louisiana purchase. He didn’t go to Paris with an army, he went with a checkbook. For $15 million, the results were very effective.

#moneytalks #usflexingitsmuscles


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On Thing we Buy.

“The true measure of cost is the hours worked to buy something.”
Kerry Taylor

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Why are so many joining FLEX, ALC and LEAP?

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There have been many programs that I have experienced before, some of them are very helpful and some just encouraging. What makes OCCI any different?

I believe it is the way that the community handles life as a whole. What I like is the atmosphere of acceptance and growth that allows you to reflect on your life. At the same time it is the level of honesty and caring bluntness of giving you the truth. Ultimately with your individual style they figure a way and show you how your life works.

First of all, how did I get to hear about this program/OCCI?

My story.
I was a leader in one of the churches here in the Visayas. And like those many divine appointments, I happen to lunch an older gentleman from my bible study group. What started as a dinner became friendship. Soon we were discussing life. Now, at that point I was feeling confused and unhappy in my relationships. I knew I needed change. As I asked him for advice, he listened. And lovingly, he was just there. He even helped me in my goals of meeting new ladies in the party district of the city. I was that desperate to change this part of my life. After many times of failing miserably, he told me, “Ian I know a program that can really help you.” That’s when he shared about OCCI.

OCCI Center for Learning
“A world that Works with No One Left Out”

OCCI stands for Organizational Change Consultants International Inc. It is a leading change consultancy specializing in paradigm shift interventions. The goal of OCCI is to “transform organizations and communities by transforming individuals.”

After my visit to their main office at Emerald Building in Ortigas, I didn’t find the info I was looking for. What I knew is that I didn’t want to hear positive thinking and encouraging seminars that make you feel good but let you come back unarmed to the same life challenges.

If you let them, they take you by the hand, stoop down to listen to know where you are and guide you lovingly to know where you want to go. And that’s not all.

*Please ask us. We want to help you.
Smart 09077240452 or Globe 09173231595.

FLEX - Living your Passion, Fulfill your Purpose

FLEX – Living your Passion, Fulfill your

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Buyers beware: Don’t Shop for Food when Hungry

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Buyers beware: Don’t shop for food when hungry

“Caveat Emptor” is an Old Latin proverb which means let the buyers beware.

In 1589, a mysterious man came to the edge of Venice. The man’s name, Marco Bragadino. He watched anxiously at the city bustling with activity. Armed with the  supreme knowledge of alchemy, he went to the Venice Ruling council and offered them the one solution for their city. Hire me and I will produce gold to pay for your city’s debts.

Bavarian Marco Bragadino

Bavarian Marco Bragadino

By then, Venice was hard pressed because the Portuguese and the Spanish had found another route to reach Asia while the Muslims blocked the famous spice trade, the most profitable business in the world at the time. Continue reading